2 megapixel webcam And I decided to calm down.
Came out of the tent, smoked.
When I returned – they fucked her already in two trunks.
It was a shock.

I never thought that my Masha is capable of such, and I could not imagine that her narrow vagina could take in two at once.
Suddenly she turned her head and looked me straight in the eye, what a look! She dragged, really dragged from all that is happening.
I leaned in, roughly took her hair and made her suck.
She did it with pleasure, looked at me, licked my eggs, and at that time her vagina was stretching and digging two unfamiliar men.
My excitement, exceeding all possible limits, became almost painful.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
(Porn tales) Finally, the one who was on top, finished, fell off and told me with a wink: – I just could not wait for my turn anymore.
That entered the second, do not mind? These words suddenly brought me to my senses.
I, damn it, also could no longer wait.

Having pushed aside the next fucker that had already been prepared, I found myself near the sprawled legs of my Pshenichka.
From the bosom of hers was a member of the peasant sticking up.
Sperm flowed abundantly along the trunk, reddened lips were shamelessly opened and smashed.
I did not have time to move away, as in the mouth of Mashka, two heads immediately jumped again.
Here is how.
She wants two in her mouth and two in pussy.
Let’s do it! I pricked up the starved piston and cautiously began to shove him through the hole between the swollen clit and the thick dick.
Everything was so slippery that I entered without difficulty.
Oh, what a pleasure it was! Now my beloved was twice as close as even the day when I fell for the first time.
And the realization that, apart from the vagina, I am concerned now, and someone’s moving member also brought its zest to this insane pleasure in the sweet depths of my whore Mashka.

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I managed to make only a couple of unbearably amazing frictions and my cock just exploded from indescribable pleasure.
I tried to send the sperm as deeply as possible, pounded the cervix of her uterus, struggled in agony and sucked the skin with force, which I grabbed somewhere under her breast, it seems even tears came out before my eyes.
I do not remember how I finished, how I got off her.
I lay awake for a while stunned by a mad orgasm.
Then crawled to her.
Somebody fucked her again – but her eyes became miserable, the view was tired.
I understood what was the matter.
Asking them to change their position to the side, he made himself comfortable at her crotch and looked at the exhausted pussy with interest.
A member of her still drilled her, but she no longer bled out, the excitement reached its apogee, but none of the big guys ever made the little one finish.
They got what they wanted and scattered where.

And now my Wheat suffered from regrets and disappointment.
I touched my lips to the limp clitoris – carefully licked it – a sperm taste appeared on my lips, but this did not embarrass me.
Deftly grabbing my pubic hair, I took them back with the skin and began to habitually lick my Masha the way she loved.
Less than a minute, as the clitoris tensed again, she began to gently pry me with all the pelvis, the pussy was again wetted.
– Yes! Yes!!!.
She moaned, running her fingers through my hair.
I tried to make the movements of my tongue coincide with the rhythm of scurrying back and forth right at my penis.
This increased arousal and promised Mashka a double orgasm.
Finally she screamed, arched.
Reducing, vagina several times convulsively squeezed a member, and Wheaten, ohnuv, fell exhausted.
From her orgasm man finished, once again watering sperm red weary womb.
I crawled higher and embraced my wife.

She was still breathing intermittently.
– I love you.
I love you so much.
She whispered, already falling asleep.
I kissed her on the forehead.
It was the best fuck in our lives.
– Mama!? Said the daughter in surprise.
She was very pretty, with big breasts, jeans, tight fitting her delicious ass.
Masha is all fucked up, in sperm, got up from the sofa: – Jeanne, this is so necessary, all because of our father is a moron.
I hope you won’t tell him! My daughter stood with her mouth open and looked now at our dicks, now at mom, now at parnuha.
– Join us !? – said Sanya.
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