ashley mason webcam Going into the park, I chose the most walkless path at first glance and immediately turned onto it.
As soon as the main path was out of sight, I immediately took off my shorts and tank top, straightened the member and folded all the clothes for some kind of log so that it was not visible from the path.
Remained naked, I felt just like a different person: I wanted to be caught by some Lady.
But there was no one around.

Then I decided to conduct another program from my cycle, walking along this path.
I walked, muttering some instructions and advice to the viewers when I went out into a small clearing of four or five meters in diameter.
It turned out to be a clearing for kebabs: there were two logs and a fire pit between them.
The path along which I walked seemed to lead exactly to this clearing, since I could not see any other exits from it.
I thought that it would be better not to find a place for the studio, and decided that as a base for walks in the park, this clearing also suits best.
Having spread out the devices brought with me, I continued the broadcast, showing new ways to use them.

ashley mason webcam
The broadcast turned out to be long, as there were a lot of new devices and their applications for the year, and I could not wait to show them all again in a new place.
Finally, I came to the fashion show: today I decided to finish it with a new version of the bead, which is notorious for you.
I pinned a hairpin, which this time was 20 centimeters long, and fixed it with a bead.
Since the hairpin was now long, it was just enough to grab the testicles, which I secured with the second bead.
Now the member always stood perpendicular to the body.
I really liked it, and I decided to walk through the clearing like on the runway.
I got up and, passing to the end of the glade, turned around like a model: and was dumbfounded: at the far end of the glade a woman sat on a log and looked straight at me! But the most interesting thing was who she was! It was the same woman who almost caught me two years ago near her wicket! Having been speechless, I just stood and, without blinking, looked at her.
She smiled and said: “Come to me, do not be afraid, I will not do anything bad to you,” her voice slightly sobered me and brought me out of my stupor, although not for long.

I walked up on stiff legs and stood somewhere half a meter from her.
There were no thoughts at all in my head, I didn’t think to hide behind my hands, I didn’t even think about anything, even that maybe this is my dream that is coming true.
– Come closer, well! – her voice was very beautiful, and then I did not define intonation.
I walked even closer and stood about at arm’s length from her.
– Beautiful, – she reached out and looked at my new design on the penis.
– Is that what you came up with?
ashley mason webcam