big booty webcam live As I expected, my charming companion was really interested, she leaned toward me, and began to carefully review what I began to explain, and as we sat opposite each other, I could calmly look forward, as if trying to look at the face interlocutor.
It worked! My eyes showed Lena’s bare breasts in the depths of her blouse, which I could calmly examine, I could even discern the shape and color of her nipples.
It was just a delightful sight! Does she guess that I see her breasts? However, if I guess, these are her problems – I’m just talking to her, helping me figure out the calculations.
But it didn’t seem to bother her at all – she was too passionate, and we sat like that for a while until I finished looking at that example.

The evening was definitely not very bad! But still, the tea has already cooled down, so we decided to postpone the training questions, and again turned to a neutral conversation.
I suggested that Lena treat herself with chocolate candy.
And now our tea-drinking is over, I brought empty cups into the kitchen, offering Lena to sit at the desk.

I myself put my chair next to her, and we proceeded to consider the course. big booty webcam live
The problem was not so difficult, I just had to explain in detail to my student, how to use the graphs correctly, and why it was precisely for her that the calculations did not agree.
Lenka turned out to be a very capable student, and I confess, it was just nice to sit at her table with her and feel how she listens to me with respect and gratitude.
After some time, I somehow automatically moved a little closer to her, and at the same time felt how my knee touched her knee.
She did not respond.
Then I firmly put my foot next to her, and we sat in such close contact.
I casually glanced down (it was not very comfortable, since we were sitting at the table).
Lenka was sitting with her legs straight and with her legs slightly apart, her skirt somewhat stretched upward, so that her legs were exposed higher than mid-thigh.
I quickly turned my eyes and looked at her draft again.
We continued the conversation.
In principle, everything became clear with the calculations.

But I also promised to tell you how to better prepare for the defense.
I got up from the table, and for a minute I left the room to the toilet, when I returned, I sat on the couch, as we no longer needed drafts.
Lenka remained seated at the table, but at the same time she turned on the chair in my direction, putting her legs on one leg and putting one knee up, while her gray skirt went up even higher, and now almost completely naked legs opened themselves to my eyes.
Lena, of course, understood this, but apparently she herself wanted to draw her legs in front of me, and all I could do was sit quietly and enjoy what she allowed me to do at the moment.
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