bj webcam korean Where is your husband? “” He is at work.
“” It is good when the husband works.
And you probably miss everything all day? “” No, you, I’m already looking for a job. “” So, you will soon go to work, but have not found it yet.
Maybe together we’ll look, I have a car. ”

“No, thank you, this is my problem, no need, don’t worry.”
“Helping a good girl is my problem.
You are probably afraid that your husband will find out, but we will look for work without him.
I will pick you up tomorrow morning, and we will quickly go round all those who need it. ”
“No, no need to worry.”
“Don’t be afraid, not a single soul will know, I’ll call you from the bottom” – and he, in a sign of friendship and agreement, somehow, in a special way, extended his hand to me and briefly kept her in his.

This morning I got up early, washed on tiptoes, put myself in order.
Exactly at the appointed time, the mobile phone rang. bj webcam korean
“This is Timur.
Good morning.
You see, I am like a Kremlin clock.
My car number is 065 “I silently closed the door.
His car was very close to the entrance, Without leaving the car, he opened the door for the front seat next to the driver.
I did not resist and sat next to him.
With the same genuine smile, as yesterday, in a good leather jacket, he carefully examined me from head to toe and, shaking his head, squeezed out: “How can such a beautiful girl not take on work, I would accept you in a stupid place would look at you all day. ”
I was embarrassed by such a compliment, but could not say anything.
Sitting next to him, I felt some extraordinary confidence, and when I visited the first company I was offered a choice of two jobs at once, thanks to his onslaught, I began to respect him even more.

I already wanted to dwell on this, however, having received his serious suggestion, I happily agreed to continue the search.
“A person should look for where is better.
As a man and a woman, they are always looking for who is better, who is better.
“At the same time, he unequivocally looked at me and asked:“ Do you like me a little bit? ”I lowered my eyes, feeling gratitude to him for disinterested help, and only carefully pulled out my coat that seemed very short to me.
After a pause, he continued: “So, like me, only you hesitate.
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