bongacams account free Warm water flowed into me, I almost did not feel it, only bursting in the priest and in the lower abdomen, and I cried with shame and resentment.
After a while, I wanted to go to the toilet.
But I was not allowed to get up, but in the pope this nasty wand was still stuck, and the nurse kept her hand.
Finally, mother allowed me to get up and go to the toilet.

I remembered this punishment for a very long time. nome live webcam
I always did my homework in time, I was all chuckling and learning.
For hours sat for lessons.
I have always been in suspense and fear.
Repetition of punishment, I did not want.
So three years have passed.
I finished elementary school as a brilliant student with excellent behavior.
Mom was happy! Here I am in fifth grade.
New teachers, new subjects.
The first deuce in English.
At home, I honestly told my mother, and was ready for punishment.
But that evening she did not punish me.
I thought she changed her tactics of my upbringing.
I myself began to try very hard and soon received in English four and two fives! bongacams account free