bongacams camwhores How simple it is, Jennie grinned.
You force five baby bottles to drink and check in time, ”Mary continued,“ In the first few days you have to be there all the time, because after 10 minutes you will begin to be restless and rush to the toilet.
“I’ll hang locks on all the toilets,” Jenny grinned.
I have, – said Mary, – I’ll bring you tomorrow.

And today, just stay close and do not let the toilet.
At the same time look how your boy wets the diaper.
For an eight year old child at such moments it is very interesting to watch.
Especially in the first couple of days when he is shy and trying to endure.
Embarrassed, she blushes, strains, crosses her legs.
Tommy will surely endure, ”Jenny grinned.“ You can’t imagine how shy he is. ”
She can’t stand for a long time, – Mary said confidently, – “My more than five minutes was never enough.
And if you do not want to wait five minutes, you can speed up the process.
How? – asked Jenny.
Tickling, – explained Mary.
What, just tickle, if you can see that of the last forces suffer? – asked my aunt.

Best of all, unexpectedly, – said Mary, – Migom starts writing.
Take this technique, – Jenny grinned.
I often did this to my own, – said Mary, – Danny is so afraid of tickling in me.
Mine, too, ”said Jenny,“ You should have seen how he pulled out when I wiped it between my legs with children’s napkins.
Not to mention what he gave when I started smearing him the same places with baby oil.
Danny did the same thing during the diaper change, ”said Mary.“ By the way, I almost forgot to warn you — if you force the child to wet the diaper often, be ready for the fountains of surprise on the changing table. webcam interracial couple
Therefore, never stand directly in front of a child when you change his diaper.
What, even the eight year olds are doing this? – with a laugh asked my aunt.
With Danny, after five or six baby bottles, it was just awful, – said Mary, – I absolutely could not tolerate it.
It is clear that he mostly wrote in the diaper, but without it he also often started to trickle.

Aha, how many times did the fountains take place during the change of diapers, ”Molly laughed,“ As if she was trying to sprinkle her on purpose.
It all depends on when you decide to change the baby’s diaper, ”Mary began to explain,“ Always try to do it right after the boy once again went off in a small way.
So that you have 10-15 minutes before he pees again.
Or maybe on the contrary, wait for these 15 minutes, – Jenny giggled, – And start changing a diaper, seeing that the boy hardly tolerates the urge in a small way? Then the fountain between the legs is guaranteed, – Mary laughed, – I sometimes did it like this – usually at a party, in order to amuse them with Dennina’s boyish trickle.
And dispel the last doubts that they face a helpless one-year-old baby, ”Molly added.
Because he completely lost bladder control? – Jenny grinned. – After five baby bottles with water? If you make them drink every two hours, ”Mary reminded.
I’ll stick to this schedule, ”Jenny agreed.

At least the first couple of days, – said Mary, – To break the initial resistance of the boy.
It is necessary that he could not think about anything else – only about an unbearable urge for a little.
And then?.
– asked my aunt.
When will the diaper get wet properly? – Mary clarified, – I made Danny drink the same five bottles.
But not every two hours, but as needed.
Basically, before taking him to some crowded place.
Or before the arrival of guests.
My aunt chatted with her neighbor and her daughters for another five minutes.
Probably it’s time to wake up, – said Jenny, – Well, let’s go to the nursery? There were heard the approaching steps and all four came to my room.
And we are already awake, – Jenny smiled at me and went to the window, opened the curtains.
I took a quick glance at an unfamiliar woman of about 35 and two girls standing next to her.
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