bongacams es I think it’s time to fix it! She firmly held my neck and thrust my hips forward, pushing my massive cock into my mouth.
I tried to relax my throat as much as possible, but still soon began to choke.
She let herself go and let her cock slide back after I took about four inches.
Then, after I took a breath, she pulled my head back onto her shaft.

This lasted until about half of the huge trunk fell into my throat! Then she let me go and let me do everything myself.
And I enthusiastically began to sway back and forth, happily munching, serving her juicy piece of meat, which over and over again strongly stretched my throat !!! At the same time, she unzipped the Leopard bra, releasing her stunning melons and began to pinch her nipples. best free adult cam chat
After a while I, lustfully smacking my lips, pulled the dick out of my torn mouth and began to languidly lick the thick, brown, sinewy trunk, as if it were a popsicle! – Mmmm, oh, yes, my dear goddess, I love the taste of your black dick, I love to lick his fat stalk making you a lustful female, a real fucking blyad who wants to be in my power !!! – She smiled.
– Now lie on your back and spread your legs, as befits a little bitch !.
I did, as she said, leaning back on the rug.
She spread my legs with a powerful jerk, knelt between them and put them on her shoulders, so that my ass was pointing up.
Then she spat on the hand and slowly began to push a finger into my tight anus, trying to lubricate it and relax a little.
Instinctively, my sphincter muscles tightly tightened around her finger. bongacams es