cam sex mom Her eyes opened my testicles, slightly covered with sparse hairs.
– What is it? – Katka asked with the interest of the discoverer.
“These are eggs,” I answered, a little gruffly.
– They also produce the liquid that flowed on you from the member.

– What for? – Katya flashed her eyes.
Well, I don’t know why I didn’t want to tell her about where the children come from.
For some reason, this topic was unattainable to me at that moment.
Maybe because I was afraid of Katka’s pregnancy? In short, I dissuaded ignorance.
However, Katya seems to have already forgotten about her question, because my dick in her hand began to grow again.
I made myself comfortable and told Katka.
– Drive your hand like this! – and showed her exactly how to fuck my dick, and to put it simply, “jerk off”.
Katka is not very skillful, but diligently set to work.
I was again at the top of bliss! My hand spontaneously, involuntarily, stretched into Katkin’s crotch and lay down on its tubercle with a slit.

My sister immediately slightly spread her legs, and my hand immediately found herself in the wet core of the girl’s organ.
I even spent a couple of times there up and down, and that was enough for me to finish again.
Katka did not immediately respond, but for some reason I kept silent, without warning her, and a trickle of sperm, much weaker than the previous stream, splashed onto her hand.
Kate raised her hand to the very eyes, examining muddy drops, and then meaningfully made. cam sex mom
– And I think I know why this liquid! From her baby start! Wow, as it turns out, the nine-year-old Pigalitsa knew a lot! “For this, she must get inside the woman,” I muttered displeasedly, but, remembering myself, once again pretending to be a fool, he added.
– Probably.
Katka picked up a drop of sperm with the finger of the other hand and, pointing this finger to her crack, spoke.
– Now we will check it! Kondrashka was not enough for me! – Do not even think about it! – I squealed, grabbing a rag, still lying here, and wiping Katkina hand and pa-plots.
– I was joking! – My sister laughed.
– What am I, stupid or what?

But I did not understand then, whether she was joking or not, I knew something about this, or accidentally “sounded”! That was my “first experience”.
– But it was just childish pranks! – I finally could not stand it, although I already felt how everything was just wet between my legs, and my clitoris demanded immediate caress.
“That year, yes,” Dad nodded.
– So what is next? – And then – Katka sick.
She had purulent appendicitis – peritonitis, heard? I have not heard such a word, but still nodded in the affirmative.
And dad, as if accidentally putting his hand in my crotch, continued.
– She was in the hospital for a month, if not more.
And then, when I left, I couldn’t talk about any such games.
Firstly, Katka was just painful – the seam on the stomach was huge – and secondly, her parents surrounded her with triple care.
There were no single trips and other free-riders for at least six months.
And this time was quite enough for us to grow up a bit, to break the habit of past revelations.

In short, we again became an ordinary brother and sister, not even mentioning past pastimes.
But we continued to be friends sincerely.
And when I came home for the holidays after the first year of the institute, my mother suggested Katka and I go for the summer to the Volga, to Aunt Valya, my father’s aunt.
To go alone, because neither my mother nor my father had a summer vacation that year.
Needless to say how happy we were! The first time – one, without parental care!
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