college couple webcam sex Almost as soon as I arrived, they put a collar on her, and they gave me a remote control with which I could torment her with a current.
This time Natalia was very depressed.
I immediately fixed it on the X-shaped cross, with my back to me, fixing not only the arms and legs, but also the belt.
I chose not the simplest whip, the so-called safe “cat” – a short whip with 9 tails, at the ends of which were round metal balls.

These were made so as not to pierce the skin.
I maximally stretched her body on the rack, but did not damage the shoulder joints.
– What are you doing this to me? They already pay! Do not torture me, please! I wanted to hear her moans and therefore did not shut her mouth.
In response to her words, I just hit her with this whip on the thighs.
The woman flinched all over.
But she made no sound.
After 10 minutes, the blows rained everywhere, hips, buttocks, waist, sides of the tummy, shoulders, and she cried like a child, trying to pull his hands out of the loops.

Only she hung exhaustedly as I stopped the torture.
Instead, I went to her and put her hand to her pubis, and the second stroked her ass.
– Have you ever been fucked by several people? -Not.
– Perhaps today will be.
-Do not! I do not want! “Then try hard to please me, and perhaps we will not do that.”
Do you understand everything? – Yes.
Only then I brought straps for strap-ons and attachments of different lengths and thicknesses and untied it. college couple webcam sex
I chose the middle phallus, attached and sat on the sofa, legs apart.
– Crawl to me, arching his back and suck it.
If you suck badly, you will get a discharge.
She dutifully sat down on all fours and bent, beautifully behind her ass, crawled to me very gracefully.
At first, she licked the head of the strap-on and wrapped her lips around hers, preparing to take the strap-on in her mouth.
It was incredibly exciting to see how a naked woman between your legs takes a strapon in her mouth, sucking it in half.

If it were a real member, I would have finished, but with a strapon I was not enough, I put my hands on her head, stroking.
And the next moment she pressed her head to her pubis, driving the phallus into her throat.
She immediately twitched from me, putting her hands on my hips.
And I let go, and when she almost got the tip of the toy out of her mouth, she again began to pull her head towards her.
This time she knew and therefore resisted, because of which I slowly impaled her throat on the strapon and watched how fascinating tears appeared in her eyes, how strapon centimeter by centimeter went deeper and deeper.
I raped her mouth for about 5 minutes, then let go.
She pushed me away and therefore immediately fell.
I grabbed her hips and unfolded.
As a result, she was breasts and tummy on the floor, and her legs were kept divorced and on weight.
She only began to rise, as I let go of her legs, leaned over and abruptly, barely finding a hole, pushed the strap-on to its full length.

Shulshenko screamed and froze, she was dry, and if it were not for her saliva, it would have been very painful.
For a time, it protected her delicate hole until the first protective lubricant appeared.
For some time after the invasion, she strained, as if trying to wriggle out from under me, and then went quiet, letting me do anything with it.
And I beat her breasts, pinched the nipples, put it with cancer.
That pressed to the floor, then turned on its side.
Then I wanted something that I had never even tried with my voluntary mistresses, to see her face, fucking on her back.
I turned it over and put my legs on my shoulders.
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