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Let it be a secret room for a whore like you.
See you.
bitch detective Linda Kaye.

I came to myself in a very disassembled form.
I lay naked on the floor and could not even move right away – so my muscles became numb.
Mistress was no longer here, and now I am alone again.
For a moment, it seemed to me that I dreamed all this when I lost consciousness from a too violent orgasm, but this was not the case.
I felt the dried juice on my legs, it was much more than from simple masturbation.
And the pussy was laid as if I was fucked from morning to evening.
I gently touched my chest – the swimsuit was on me.
Rose above and froze.
I had a powerful collar that I didn’t wear on myself.
Must have worn him before leaving and took a bunch of photos.
I looked at the leash, wound on the leg of the table and hoped only for one thing: that the lady took these pictures only for herself.
It cooled down.
I tried to get up, but something prevented me from moving my legs.

In my pussy there was some unusual feeling that I could not call unpleasant, but which definitely prevented me.
I rolled over and froze in shock.
Three healthy vibrators and one anal toy stuck out between my legs, gleaming.
I did not know how, but they were all in my pussy, and I was scared to imagine what was happening there now.
Mrs. left a truly incredible gift.
Flew years.
I grew up, became a relatively successful private detective, but from time to time I looked into that room.
I do not know how, but nothing has changed there.
Still there were boxes of porn magazines, there were a bunch of vibrators in the closet, and in the locker there were several depraved swimsuits for every taste.
And beyond the windows, there were also hills and chimneys.
And no one but me found this place.
org) Every time I started to masturbate here, flipping through a magazine or exposing myself and putting on a swimsuit, I was afraid that someone would appear again, but for many years no one entered this room.

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It was another little miracle like Absolute Power, and I just took it for granted.
That day I was here again.
Leafing through another magazine, I squatted, legs spread apart, and desperately caressed my unseen swimsuit pussy.
It must have been from the side I looked extremely depraved, but in order to strengthen it, I put on the very red collar that the lady had put on me.
I looked at the photos and pictures in the magazine, my fingers slid on pussy, then on collar, I even remembered what she did to me.
Laski, kiss, her anus and a thick strapon.
And then it dawned on me.
I quickly wiped the hot pussy, I got dressed and for the first time left here without having finished.
There were so many guards in the mansion that I easily got inside.
It was necessary to make a small fire in the far corner of a huge garden, and confusion arose in the dense rows of guards.
First, they figured out who was responsible for what, and then such a bustle began that even the back door was deprived of all protection.

Well, since there is no security, I quickly found myself in a building and climbed to the second floor.
Resolutely opening the door of expensive wood, I entered the office of Mrs. www xxx hd cam Akiza de Gramont.
She was sitting over some papers and visibly shuddered when she saw me.
What does it mean? She asked unkindly.
She tried to seem formidable, but there was something strange about it, as if I had caught her in the process of hiding a stash or something.
Hi, – I waved a hand, looking as she starts to worry.
She jumped up.
Who let you in? – Madame asked irritably and pressed the button on the switch, – Security! However, no one answered her.
They are a little busy, – I explained, removing her hand from the device.
What the heck? – Mrs. snapped threateningly and blushed.
Yesterday I would have decided that she was trembling with rage, but not now.
How are you?.
– I bent over the table, and our faces were so close to each other that I felt her breath.
What do you allow yourself? – she said in a trembling voice.

I wanted to ask, did I really SO SO excited ?.
Aki Izayoi.
She shuddered again, and there was no trace of anger, only shock mixed with surprise.
How did you guess? I’m a detective, I have a scent.
– I looked down at her hips, – on such things.
Mrs. instinctively closed and retreated.
Smiling, I walked around the table and approached her closely.
She was trembling and clearly did not want to let me in, but I had very different plans.
Brazenly getting under her skirt, I ran my hand into a very soft and pleasant to the touch panties.
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