first time sex on hidden camera When she rose, I saw tears in her eyes.
– What’s the matter? Did I hurt you? Are you sick, mom ?.
– I’ve never been so good, dear.
I do not cry, my boy.

I love you.
We were returning home.
Already quite dark.
My hand slid on my mother’s leg, higher, even higher.
– Are you without panties? – I left them there.
You love when I’m naked.
So I thought maybe you fuck me again.
In the park.
At fifteen, these words do not need to be repeated twice.
My dick started to fill again with power and desire.
I ran my mother’s hand between my legs, and immediately felt her thighs in my sperm.
– You’re all wet there.
– And I did not wipe.
I am pleased, I go with you, and your sperm flows from me.
Touch my ass.
All my mother’s ass was wet, and thighs behind, too.
When I touched her vagina, mom whispered: – Come on, I’ll show you one place too.
I was already there.
In the park, we almost immediately turned onto the side walkway, and after a couple of minutes we were in the bushes behind a billiard pavilion.
Under the lilac was a bench, which I did not know.
– Here.
– Mom pulled me to her and began to kiss, snuggling with her whole body, and whispered: – Touch me.

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do you feel how she is waiting for you ?.
Yes, dear, finger.
and the clitoris, yes, yes.
as i like
please fuck me
Turning, Mom lifted her dress and not just bent down, but almost folded in half, holding herself by her legs.
Her vagina was right in front of me – open, wet, inviting.
I literally jumped out of jeans, took one step and immediately introduced a member.
I was in no hurry, I fucked her measuredly and enjoyed every movement, her unique pose and her frankly lustful words: – Yes.
like this.
crazy about your dick.
all in my pussy.
more, dear, more.
fuck me fuck
When I wetted my finger with saliva, I started inserting it into the anus, continuing to fuck her with force, my mother trembled with her whole body, groaned loudly, and finished in a minute.
– Yes, Vova, I was not mistaken in you, you are my best man.
– she straightened her dress, sank on the bench, – go, I suck, cum in Mom’s mouth.
– she took me by the balls, and at that second, in some centimeters from her mouth, I finished too.

Sperm fell on her face, on the dress, and it delighted me !.
“It’s dark, there is no one,” said Mom, when we went home, “and I’ll go, even funny, and I’ll go to the shower at home.”
All in your sperm.
Fucking mother’s
“Mom, who is the best for you?” – You’re in the first place, my good.
Nobody gave me such pleasure, not one fuck.
– And on the second? Grinja? – And Green is now on the second, for sure.
Grine fighter is still the same.
Near the entrance smoked Seryoga.
– Hello, Aunt Lala! – Hello, Seryozha.
– Mom, without stopping, passed by him, and only turned in the doorway, – Vovik, I’m waiting for you.
– and the door closed behind her.
– Where are you from?
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