free live amateur webcam I called her at five o’clock, maybe a little earlier.
She was free and agreed to go with me somewhere, but only after seven.
This news gave me strength, so with enthusiasm I bathed in the shower, carefully combed my hair, ironed my clothes.
It seems to have foreseen everything, but I was still worried and worried that I had missed something.

The evening went well, I thought so.
I tried to be polite and gallant, as Igor did.
I spent Julia home, again we talked a little, near the door of the entrance.
When it was time to say goodbye, we both froze and did not know what to do.
Then all the same I reached for her, she approached me and we kissed.
To be honest, this kiss was not the limit of my dreams, but the kiss of this particular girl seemed to me the highest pleasure.
She looked up from me, looked intently into the eyes and.
retired, whispering a few words goodbye.
I froze in place, feeling the taste of her lips and lipstick on my lips, thinking.
Again she left me with nothing, but on the other hand, this is a new challenge for me and I have to accept it.

It is not so simple, it will not lie with you just like that, you need to conquer it, but how? The answer came to me later, after a day.
In the meantime, I went home, hoping to find an answer there.
The houses were all assembled, but everyone was busy with their own affairs.
In the kitchen there was only an aunt, who with appetite ate juicy melon, from which there was nothing left.
Your share, she told me.
– Eat faster, otherwise I can not help it.
Listen, ”I began, sitting down on a chair.
– How can you understand that this is the girl that you need? Are you talking about this girl with whom you went on a date? Well yes.
That’s her.
I do not know whether this is with which you can start a relationship.
You live four thousand kilometers from each other.
Will you run like a date? Do you think you’ll wait for her, or will she have you? But I can stay here. free live amateur webcam
You enrolled at home, you have already learned the first course.
She, too, took root here.
So that you do not grow up, you can not see.

Now your relationship is only in love, a banal childish love.
Well I do not know.
I also thought with my husband, this is love and all that, she will stand any obstacles and trials.
In the end – he is cheating on me, I divorce him.
He left me a house, half the state and I stayed in the same place.
We work together, but like strangers.
And this Valery, he is also the same, probably.
And why did you slip his mother? That’s it, I slipped her just as entertainment for a while.
They are from different cities, there can be nothing serious between them.
So you, you just spend some time at the place and after your departure you will immediately forget each other.
Anyway, I will continue my journey.
I need to get my from Yulka.
About Natasha, Igor asked me not to worry.
Everything is in order, they seem to be a couple now, only unofficially.
Well, that’s great, now I have only one concern.
The whole evening, Igor and I were cut into cards, checkers, chess, he showed me some tricks of self-defense.

The next evening, Julia and I again went for a walk, this time we went to the cinema.
The film turned out to be a good comedy.
After the movie, about nine o’clock in the evening, when the sun had set, but it was still light, we went with her for a walk in the park.
We slowly walked along the path, I stopped to buy Julia and myself ice cream, and Julia went forward.
I bought an ice cream and lost sight of it.
I hurried forward and heard drunken voices: Wow, the woman herself found us! Said a gruff voice.
We would just now have someone to pull, – the second voice was much higher, as if squeaky.
My heart turned cold and my heart sank, but I went to these voices.
Through the bushes I saw three figures, one of which was Julia.
She scared herself against the bench as the two men advanced on her.
And as luck would have it, no one was there, empty, deserted.
That would be Igor now useful.
I threw ice cream in the urn and there.
I saw a heavy green champagne bottle.

I took her in my arms and walked out of the bushes, as quietly as possible.
These two in the meantime, smiling maliciously, as if confident in their abilities and integrity.
But on my side was a surprise.
What is the strength I threw this bottle in a healthy guy, but missed and hit the small one.
A bottle boomed against his head and he fell to the ground, crying out.
The second turned sharply and saw me.
He was drunk, but huge and was coming on me.
Come here, ”he said to me, and swear words literally poured out of him, promising to do this to me.
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