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I met her by chance.
I stood at the institute and waited for my friend.
She approached as quietly as a cat and almost whispered, “I’m sorry, where is the trade union committee here?”

I turned my head and hung.
Her gentle and affectionate cat eyes, languidly brown color, dark hair and fair skin.
I looked at her like a rabbit at a boa and for a moment I forgot where I was.
“Sorry,” she said again, “I’m looking for a trade union committee.”
I was silent.
“Are you okay?”.
And then I seemed to have emerged from the depths of the ocean and came to my senses.
“Yes, sorry, trade union?”.
“It seems on the third floor.”
“True, the corridor is strange, let’s go, I will show.”
We went down to the 3rd floor, took a few turns along the convoluted corridor and saw a shabby door with a sign for the trade union committee.
“Thank you,” she said, and looked at me again with her magical eyes.
I again fell into a rabbit state.

And almost without realizing what I was doing, he took her hand slightly and bent over and kissed her gently on the lips.
She slightly opened her mouth and sighed the air, as if she were breathing heavily.
I hugged her waist and we kissed.
My head was spinning and a wave of excitement instantly covered me.
The member began to swell with cosmic speed.
She looked mischievously into my eyes, ran her palm over the penis through her pants and barely heard, “not now, after work.”
We met after the institute and went.
We chatted enthusiastically all the way.
And there was a feeling that a lifetime was not enough to talk. young busty webcam
Then I finally remembered that we should decide where we will go.
“Come to:” I began.
She interrupted me.
“We will go to me, because there are reasons for it, and it is better if you find out about them now.”
I was taken aback.
“Ok, come on.”
She looked at me.
I saw that she was worried, but waited patiently.
“You know, I’m a lesbian.”
She was silent.
“This has started from school.”
“No, I like the boys too, but the girls are better.

If you are not afraid, “she did not have time to finish speaking, because I interrupted her” wait. ”
He took his hand and said, “I do not care what your orientation is.
I want that between us to continue. ”
I kissed her gently and held her close.
We stood for some time, and then went to her.
Our conversation continued further.
She had a cozy 2-room apartment.
“The shower is there, brave boy,” she said, and looked at me with a wet look.
I got out of the shower.
Her friend has already come home.
Her name was Jeannette, and my girlfriend Mila.
“We are now,” said Mila, and she and Jeannette fled to the bathroom.
Through the sound of water, I listened to quiet moans.
Looks like the girls have already started warming up.
I was somewhat embarrassed.
Yes, sex with two beautiful girls is an erotic dream of many men.
But when he was already on the way, for some reason I became worried.
Will I be able to handle both? Mila quietly approached me and knelt down.
I ran my hands over my legs and took my dick in my hand.

What a solid, she said barely audible.
She gently massaged him, and tried to recover and somehow understand what to do.
Jeannette entered the room.
Mila turned to her. “Jeannette, our boy seems to be worried, let him relax properly.”
She took my hand and led me to the bed.
Mila sat on top of me, so that I could use her tongue to get her beautiful labia.
I licked.
She was wet.
I slowly spent the language several times on the small lips and then put it into the hole.
Mila breathed heavily.
She liked it.
In the meantime, she licked my cock and began to suck it gently.
Jeannette bent my knees and slightly slapped me on the pope so that I would lift her.
She put a pillow under me and settled down below.
I felt her tongue licking my testicles, gradually falling to the ass.
She held her tongue on the ring of the anus.
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