hot brunette 69 webcam videos Gradually, Anton got used to the new sensation, besides, he was busy sucking Sergey’s cock, which was already beginning to please him, and he got excited from it just like Sergei was fucking him in his mouth.
Then the guys turned Anton, putting on all fours.
Sergei sat on the table, occupying Anton’s mouth, and Sasha was in the back.
Andrew as it led the process.

Sasha spread Anton’s buttocks, opening the entrance to his anus, smeared the hole with some kind of cream, then smeared his penis a bit and put the head on the anus.
Then he began to pave his way into Anton with light pushes.
For some time he did not succeed in this, despite the fact that Sasha’s penis was far from being the same size as Andrei, but the persistence took its toll, and the penis slowly began to enter the anus.
Anton felt his sphincter for some time, shrinking, withstand the pressure, but then opened and something big and hot slipped inside.
At first, Anton could not get used to the dull pressing pain in the anus;
Here, apparently, it was the fact that Sasha had a small dick and thus did not injure Anton’s sphincter.

Sasha gently supported Anton by the hips and gently placed him on his organ, as if setting the rhythm of the movement.
Soon, Anton got comfortable and began to spontaneously make oncoming movements with his pelvis, trying to plunge the member deeper.
The pleasure of the process overwhelmed him.
Further, Anton would have difficulty saying how long this action lasted, he only remembered that Sergei first replaced Sasha, and then Andrey’s member also joined the anus already prepared by previous partners.
Anton was not sick anymore, there was only a surprise from the size of the organ that was vigorously sliding inside his body.
The guys apparently focused on him as a newcomer, so each of them made several visits to his anus, and his mouth was never empty. shackle shot cam porn
After a couple of hours, the four were tired and serenely stretched out on the lower shelves of the coupe, taking a relaxed breath.
Anton closed his eyes, listening to the trembling of his body, still feeling the taste of male members in his mouth.

His body, covered with languor, covered with sperm from head to toe, lived its own life.
In the morning, the guys warmly said goodbye to Anton and went to a small station.
They said that they often come to Moscow, so they gave him the phone number of their friend’s apartment, where they usually stay.
Anton entered the institute easily, although the study load at first seemed excessive to him.
He settled in a hostel, he was given a double room, where he lived with a boy from Rostov.
Student life flowed its course.
However, Anton no, no, yes, and recalled that adventure in the train.
And once, on a dank October evening, he dialed a number, scrawled on his notebook.
After a few beeps, the phone was picked up and a young voice answered him.
Anton asked Andrei.
– “And who asks him?” – answered him.
– “Anton” – he replied.
A minute later, a familiar voice sounded in the receiver.
Dad said to me – you will go to Sochi, if you pass the session for five! I spent all the nights with the notes, and in the end I managed to turn in!

I bought more stylish trunks, in the farewell – a bouquet of roses, I took a beer at the station, I was dressed in shorts.
The door to the compartment is a little ajar, I sword the suitcase on the shelf.
– Hai, neighbors! Call me – Nikita! – Broiler! – Cook! – Well, I – Zhigan.
Clear boys buzz.
Cook – shaved, Broiler – only in shorts, And Zhigan vidaru pours Straight from the guide in front of his eyes: – Come on, Nikitka, do not be shy, We have not touched your underwear! Broiler, lively with your brow, change, Vodyl muddy, huyo-mayo.
I slipped into the vestibule, the conductor Asked me to move.
There are no places, what am I supposed to do? Eh, I had to go back.
– Che, Nikitka, we are not in your style? Do you think we are hooligan? Ten days at the back stayed – Nevsky, the Hermitage, huyo-mayo.
Inspired by the St. turkish couple webcam Petersburg culture, The museums were relish.
You do not think, lad, we are not urki, You come on, my friend, I’m going to the table!

It’s just him – he has two passes, And with Cook we’ve – only one by one; Broiler, mold student vodka; With us it will be fun, dear! I climb, having reached the window of a broiler, put a bow on the table.
Maybe it’s still make-believe? – Oh, pivas! Nikitka, worked hard! It feels like a St. doctor sex hidden camera Petersburg guy, Though a pride, I’m a fagot! I don’t like to eat a bodyguard – Drink culture more than a hundred times! – I’m not gay, guys, you give! – Who gives – we’ll see!
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