lesbian webcam pornhub In response, Borkin’s mother lightly rubbed her shoulder against me.
Now we sat huddled together from knees to shoulders.
Very, very gently, I ran my hand inside my hips, until my hand touched my left thigh.
The skin was so smooth and warm.

Not seeing any objections from the friend’s mother, I squeezed the female flesh harder, fingering my fingers a little – trying to figure out what to do next.
But Valentina Petrovna took the initiative in her hands, once again putting her hand under the blanket, putting her hand on mine, and shoving my hand above the thigh, at the same time spreading her legs wider.
I followed the instructions of her hand until I came across the edge of the shorts.
Trying to be careful and not move my arm too much, I squeezed the inside of my thigh in my palm.
Then I spread my fingers, moving my palm a little higher, and swept them over the shorts at the very top of the thigh, where she bordered the crotch.
Valentina Petrovna reached out again under the blanket – and I was sure that she would throw off my fingers.

Instead, she spread her thighs even wider, put her hand on mine again and put my palm on the pubis, covered with cotton shorts. webcam mac test
With my heart pounding, I slowly began to move my fingers up and down Borkin’s mother’s pussy, trying to control my emotions.
I glanced at Valentina Petrovna – she looked at the field without stopping, and smiled slightly.
Then I looked at her husband – he also looked at the field, not knowing that one of his son’s friends was squeezing his wife’s pussy.
I felt great, feeling the juicy female pubis and was ready to do it all day.
And then I thought, how far can I go? Borkin’s mother’s shorts weren’t tight — and I made up my mind, removed my hand from the pubis and tucked it under the fabric, feeling for the edge of the cotton panties.
Now, my fingers caressed my friend’s mother’s pussy already through the thin fabric of the underpants, and I felt a wet spot on them.
Borkina’s mother was still looking at the field, and I decided to continue and put my finger inside the panties.

The elastic fabric resisted slightly, and at first I touched the pubic hair.
Sliding on, I wrapped my hand around my hairy cunt and squeezed it, starting to move my palm up and down.
Borkina mother slightly hip hips forward, towards my hand.
Then I found a source of moisture on my underpants, as my middle finger slid between the labia.
Feeling the warm moisture, I pressed inside, and my middle finger sank into my friend’s mother’s slippery pussy.
My frozen finger was now in the warmest place in the stands.
Being the mother of two athletes, Valentina Petrovna knew about the protective bandage on my crotch, so she could not give me the reciprocal service by giving me a dick.
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