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The sadist, leaving a working vibrator, in the body of a woman still twitching, bent over her.
Crushing the victim’s face, he forced her to open her mouth.
Taking a leash and put it in her mouth, forcing a snack, and threw it on the victim’s back.

Removing the panties and lubricating the rising member with grease, he approached the insensible old woman.
Spreading her buttocks, he inserted a member into her anus and began to fuck the mother, lying unconscious in the anus.
Going into a rage, he took the leash and pulled it.
The old woman’s head snapped back, her body bent, and the sadist continued the craze with even more zeal.
In pain, an elderly woman came to herself and groaned.
The pain in her back and neck darkened her eyes, it seemed that a little more and her neck would be broken, but the friction in the ass aroused her again and after a moment, she was already trying, as far as was possible, to pry her son.

A jet of hot sperm struck the old woman inside, it seemed to her that right in the intestines, it coincided with a stormy orgasm, once again shook her exhausted body. nudist webcam chat
Exhausted, she collapsed on the bed.
Rising from the bed, the man looked at the work of his hands, and, grinning, took the old woman by the hand, pulled him to the edge of the bed and pushed him to the floor.
Picking up pants from the floor, he left the room, leaving an exhausted, raped elderly mother, lying on the floor.
Hi my name is Anna! This is my third story.
These events occurred shortly after my brother gave me a record disc, where I was cruelly asshopped by three of his friends (compromising).
He refused to give the original of the record, saying that I must behave myself and please him so that this record would not get to my father.
I had no choice and had to be a girl share! Then I went to school and was the most beautiful girl in the class.
Height 162 cm, brunette with a beautiful figure.
But most of all attracted the attention of my chest.

All the familiar guys ran after me.
All sorts of friends and boyfriends often came to me to visit, but my father and brother (imitating my father) didn’t like it when we were in a house, so we often stood in the hallway or on the street and chatted.
One evening, when my brother was at home and my father was coming soon, I was standing in the corridor with two classmates, Andrey and Valera.
We, as always, laughed loudly, and my brother had already made a remark to us several times.
But for a long time, of course, we didn’t laugh.
At some point, when we had already forgotten about Edik’s (brother’s) remark, he opened the door to the corridor and grabbed my neck from behind.
many orgasms webcam girl