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The remaining time before the salute I tried to fill what I could.
All that was missing was to go crazy with waiting minutes of happiness to be alone.
But when the salute ended, every hitch, every extra minute led to despair, forced to grit their teeth.

I tried not to look at Lyokha; but the aggravated feelings caught his silhouette, the shadow, his voice in the distance, his intermittent breathing, I already imagined.

I did my best to help the gunners get ready, drove the soldiers, the very first one got into the convoy.
From the side it seemed that I was in a hurry to go home; perhaps to family and children, to bed with his wife, for the festive late table.
No, I was in a hurry in the art park, as was my Lech. webcam fighting games
That’s all.
We stayed alone in the coming night, in the cabin of my car.
We sat and looked at each other for a long time, eyes on eyes.
They were silent, only breathing quickened.
I first stretched out my arms and grabbed my beloved in my arms.
He wanted to say something, but my greedy kiss closed his mouth.

Hands fumbled in attempts to tear clothes from each other.
They stopped, I undressed Lyokha, took everything off.
He obediently allowed himself to sit on his knees.
I caressed my hands on his back, kissed and sucked the nipples on his chest.
Rubbed his body about him.
My dick was smoking from the desire to enter, finally, in the ass, who wanted and loved him.
I turned Lyokha to face me, directed my stake between the buttocks of a friend who closed his eyes and waited for the invasion.
Sharply, by the shoulders, I yanked Lyokhino’s body downward, simultaneously putting the pelvis up, towards the long-awaited, sweet buns.
After a long break, everything went as it had for the first time: there was a heart-rending cry, Lech jerked and stood up.
nad1n bongacams