nude boy webcam After him, Marina K.
(as they called her) became the official girl of our Sergey.
Their relationship is gentle, of course there is regular, though not without perversions, sex.
Once I had to configure the modem and mailbox on Sergey’s home computer.

Marina was here, so you can guess what the two of you were doing behind my back – kissing and liking.
It turned out that they have a wonderful – just about going over the edge of decency.
Marina was flushing, began to breathe more often, and Sergey didn’t really control himself.
I take it and say it.
– In principle, you can do your favorite thing and with me.
I promise, I will not look.
– And what, come on? – Sergey asked Marina.
– You are crazy? – she answered him.
– Well, then in the next room.
– Sergey smiled.
He picked her up in his arms, carried him to the hall (before that, we were sitting in Sergey’s room, where his computer was located).

Three minutes later he returned, pulled out a pack of condoms from behind a stack of CDs – and, winking at me, went to Marina.
I waited a couple of minutes until fast breathing began to come from the room, restrained moans and the sounds of deep kisses – I carefully got up, went on tiptoe to the screen (such a sliding door to the hall) and began to observe a large gap at the very base of the screen (it was attached to the wall is upright, and the other day, while visiting Sergei, I accidentally tore it off the wall – I haven’t done it yet).
Sergey’s head was between the legs of his partner.
He tongue caressed the girl’s clitoris, delivering her incredible pleasure.
Her hands were in Sergey’s hair, directing and refining his caresses.
He pressed closer to her, gently holding his tongue along the entire length of the clitoris, caressing the labia. hp webcam suite
His two fingers were in the vagina, making reciprocating movements in time with the movements of his tongue.

Marina moaned louder, writhing under his body and caresses – and now she arched up, ready to finish, – fell back on the bed, stunned by an unexpected stop.
What are you
– groaned the girl.
Sergey stopped petting, quickly put on a condom and with a slow but sure movement entered the vagina of Marina.
The girl’s legs were on his chest, with his hands he held her hips – he made slow, sweet and painful movements for the girl, as if trying the last one, for a long time not letting her finish.
The girl was moaning at the top of her voice, squirming, obviously enjoying her every move of my friend.
Finally, it was the apogee – without stopping the movements, without ceasing to caress the girl’s chest with his left hand, Sergei lowered his right hand to the clitoris – and with gentle, gentle shocks, she brought Marina to a delightful state, when she didn’t care – all she needed was a furious, irresistible orgasm.

Sergey, judging by the convulsive movements of his butt, also finished.
When they left the hall, a bit lost, disheveled and dressed in a hurry – I had already been surfing the Internet for three minutes.
Yes, and set up mail.
I looked, I was impressed and wrote – Mole.
The hostel of Russian universities is an amazing place in which anything can happen.
In our hostel, unfortunately, a common shower.
At 22–00 it closes, and I go to close me, the headman of the second floor.
I have a pretty figure with a pretty face.
As usual, at 22-30 I went down to the shower to make sure that it was empty before closing it.
But this time, instead of the usual silence, I heard the sound of water that came from the men’s booths.
It made me very angry that this impudence at such an hour to take a shower.
I had already begun to open the door to the male shower when I suddenly froze.
Before my eyes, a young man of about twenty was taking a shower.

Drops of water ran down his slender body, they skirted his muscles, highlighting their beauty.
Seeing all this my heart, trembled, I immediately became very hot, my body just burned from the inside.
With my left hand, I gently touched my own chest, at the same instant my whole body was struck by impulse.
It aroused me even more, I felt that my panties were already wet.
And there everything was burning and beckoning to him.
Unable to resist this urge, I pushed the panties back, pushing my right hand inside.
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