pornstar webcam chat “It seems we have a lot to discuss, right, Alara?” – She got up.
– The arena here is very convenient for this! – Well, I have won more than once disputes with you.
– Alara also rose.
For a while, they looked at each other.

Then Nadine hissed: – Myshshsh flying! – Flea mat! – the dragon did not remain in debt, after which both headed towards a fenced elevation in the corner, which Irie had not noticed before.
A crowd of regulars has already started gathering around this “ring”.
Someone started chanting “FIGHTING!” FIGHT! FIGHT! ”- and immediately picked up the rest.
And the hunter remained seated at a loss.
A waiter approached the table with an order, smiled slyly.
– Would you like to place bets? – What other rates? – To the winner.
I’ve put on a blonde – already saw her in business.
And the fact that she will tear the red blouse.
I would like to see what kind of wealth she is hiding there! – Iri with difficulty resisted not to remove the obscene smirk with his fist.

And the waiter had already lost all interest in him, and rushed to the table where the young scientist and his two guards were sitting.
After a short conversation, the archivist stayed at the table, and his guards headed for the arena.
“Mack and Payne! They were always too reckless! ”The hunter grinned to himself.
Trying not to look in the direction of the arena, Irineleyn pulled the hood up and moved to the next table, so as to be behind Briol.
He leaned back in his chair and said quietly: – Hello, my friend! Don’t turn around! – the young scientist jumped in surprise, then he also leaned back in his chair.
– Ky! What are you doing here? They are looking for you! – Waiting for you. pawg bbw webcam
– it was possible not to whisper – in such a din they could not have been overheard.
– I need your help.
– Of course, Kai.
But – how can I help you? – First.
I need all the information about the Magister.
The real name where he lives, habits and cravings – everything! The second.
– Kai, yes, this is enough to provide you with a hempen tie!

And I also previously castrated! Just a hint of interest in the person of the master – and all.
– That is why I came.
to you.
Who, if not you can find the pearls of information in the sea of ​​babble and draw the right conclusions? – Iri did not see the face of a friend, but he was sure that he blushed embarrassedly.
Briol has always been ambitious.
– And the second? “You once said that you know where the dragonborn girls are.”
I need to know this! – There are many such places.
– Then – where they keep the new ones.
– I can find out this tomorrow.
“Where can we talk without your guards?” “They lock me in the library for the night, and they leave.”
Only – I do not know how to get there at night.
“I can handle it myself.”
And for information about the abducted girls, I can thank you! – Yes, what? – I will introduce you to the author of the treatise that you are now studying! – Iri picked up the mug and moved to his table, leaving the bewildered Briol.

A few seconds later, Alara joined the hunter.
– Well, managed? – What did you do? – he blinked.
– Did you manage to talk with your friend? Or I in vain arranged a circus here? – Oh, yes.
He is waiting for us tomorrow night, in the library.
So you made this special? – Of course.
Public fights are not my favorite entertainment! – Past walked Nadine, in an embrace with some guy.
Her right eye turned out to be of the same sky-blue color, but now it was decorated with solid-sized fingal.
Alara only grinned and triumphantly raised her bloody nose.
Iri took out a handkerchief and began to wipe the girl’s face until the blood dried.
She frowned a little, but suffered.
– Do you really hurt? – Little.
And how are you? Wound does not bother? – Everything is good.
You did a miracle! But still, you need to wash – in this form you should not walk around the city! And we still need to look at the local library – how to go there at night without disturbing the guards.
– Alara only waved her hand: – I know how to get there.

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