ptz webcam Her cheerful, long, soft tongue, penetrated into my mouth and twirled like a whirligig.
From her such kisses, my lower muscle always came into arousal.
And now sticking shorts.
My wife stretched out her hand, stumbled upon a fighter, unbuckled her fly, threw her legs over my thighs, and without stopping kissing me, literally planted her narrow cave.

Yes, narrow, because even the birth did not spoil her vagina, and even more so three years have passed.
We rocked on a swing, enjoying each other.
Victoria began to give the hips back and forth, increasing the friction of the clitoris on my pubis and after a few minutes, groaned and weakened.
She looked at me with misty eyes from the experienced pleasure, then she called the housekeeper and nanny for our son.
Came out pretty woman 40 years old.
Seeing us in this position, although it is clear that there was nothing.
His wife’s robe covered what she was sitting on and it seemed from the side that we were just hugging.

But the housekeeper knew everything perfectly.
The first six months she was shocked by the fact that we live in a threesome.
And that often go around the house naked.
Then got used.
Her husband worked for me.
He was in charge of the house with electricity, cranes, a diesel generator and just a gardener.
Man’s hands are golden.
And I paid them enough, did not stint.
“We’re leaving in three days.”
– Vick again touched my lips.
– Look after your son.
How to come, and arrange your trip to rest.
The housekeeper nodded that she understood everything.
There was a whistle at the gate.
– I wonder who brought it? I asked.
-Come on, jump off a member and put yourself in order.
Vika slipped off, got up, pulling down her robe and fastening the zipper on my shorts.
As I did not finish, the member stood, and on shorts in the groin area the stain from the wife’s allocation glistened.
And figs with him. ptz webcam
I am at home.
The gardener was already approaching the gate.
I did not notice it.

And in all likelihood he saw our walk with Vika through the streets of sex.
The gates opened and my daughter appeared.
And what the devil brought it right now? I didn’t even finish it.
At a wrong time.
– Nata !!! shouted Vick and rushed to her friend.
Hugs, kissing.
The gardener was already carrying his daughter’s suitcase to the house.
I wake up.
My daughter ran up to me and stared at the spot in the middle of the shorts.
– Do not pay attention, Vika pushed her.
– we just got fucked.
Natasha laughed, hugged me and kissed my cheek.
And I turned red.
And although I understood that my daughter had not been a girl for a long time and that she was two or three years older than my wife, but still, somehow I felt uneasy and embarrassed.
-Hi, Dad.
I will come to you for a couple of weeks.
Candidate defense.
Will you accept your foolish daughter? I laughed.
– Miracle, you are a miracle.
Also you ask.
Of course.
At least a month.
How is mom there? – Everything is normal with her.

She lives with her new friend.
The house was built overlooking the fjord.
Hello to you passes.
She said that she might come in the spring, look at you, your son and Vika.
By the way, Vick, my mother spoke well of you.
She liked you.
-Well, that’s good.
– answered my wife.
– Ah, then I was afraid.
Suddenly, yes.
Jealousy and stuff.
– Do not worry, girlfriend.
All a bunch.
– Nat, smacked embarrassed Vika.
In the evening, we sat at the table.
A fireplace was burning in the corner.
My wife shared with Nata our possible absence and the fact that the whole house would be at her disposal for two whole weeks.
– Eh, I would go with you.
She was tired of studying.
– said daughter.
-So what’s the problem, girlfriend? Move the protection for two weeks and come with us.
There, in silence to the sound of the surf, you will prepare, tan, rest.
Well? Everyone liked this idea.
Everyone, this is my wife and daughter.
And to me, somehow not very.
But I was in the minority and I was simply confronted with the fact that Natasha was also flying with us.

How and how I decided to postpone the defense of my dissertation, I will not describe it, and after three days of the evening flight of Thai airlines we flew to Bangkok.
In the business class passengers were few.
I sat alone and looked at the latest company information on my tablet.
Vika and Nata sat together, drank liquor and talked about something.
Sometimes my ears burned, my cheeks burned.
100% that the conversation was about me.
And the flag to them.
Two hours later, when everyone calmed down and the lights were turned off, the chairs were spread out, and most of the passengers snorted into both holes, or even three, my wife came over to me with a glass of brandy.
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