scenic world webcam “There’s still so much left,” she moaned, wide-eyed in surprise, looking at the swollen bag.
– The first part was the most difficult.
The rest will come in much easier, ”I muttered.
– Take a breath a couple of times deeply, and I will continue.

Marina took a few deep breaths.

I opened the stream, she watched the water level drop.
Her legs spread apart, reacting to the filling, revealing an amazing view.
She turned on her right side to get the last part of the water.
A long gurgling sound ran through her guts.
She calmly groaned and then said, “Oh, how good.
“A moment later.
– Oh! Oh! Woo Stop it, I filled up! – she squealed.
“A little more,” I replied.
– No no! I can not hold! No more, no more! I glanced at the bag and, while I looked, a little splash of water appeared around the tip. teen girls lesbian webcam
Then another one.
Some water splashed out while I pulled out the tip and closed the clamp.
Passing water and dripping on the floor, she with my help got to the toilet and immediately pushed the wave out of herself with a loud moan.

Holding her belly, she slouched more and more with every stream, and groaned with every effort.
Finally, everything became quiet.
I thought that Marina would begin to demand to stop these games and refuse to continue.
Especially because she had a bet.
– It’s fantastic! – she said.
– Everything was wonderful.
I have never felt anything like it !.
And I want to feel it again.
Marina impatiently handed me a tip for the second enema.
She took it quietly at first, but then began to moan again when, in the “ass in the air” position, water accumulated in the middle of the abdomen and began to burst.
Marina thanked me when I took off her bra, allowing me to breathe easier.
Sticking out hard nipples gave her a state of excitement, giving additional value to her moans – she enjoyed the filling.
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