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Sergey spread his legs as wide as he could, by the cuffs on the ankles, Julia and Vika attached him to the hooks that were in the floor.
Well, let’s get started.
The girls came to the keg and took the rod.

Swinging them in the air, checking how they bend.
A sound reached the slave, as if the air had been cut in half.
He realized that maybe this was his last punishment, after which he could not survive.
Yulia was the first to go to the slave, she could not wait to try the whip, she used to use many whips, stacks, lashes, etc in her life.
, but with rods, not once.
She was very curious about how a person endures the blows of the rod, and how they leave marks on the body.
She struck a blow to the floor of force on Sergey’s ass, and even though the blow was not particularly strong, Sergey felt how his skin had badly burned.
Then she struck harder, a red scar formed on the body of the slave.
Yulia started to get a taste, she began to strike with all her might, from the strongest pain the servant shouted at the top of her voice.

Victoria also went to the slave.
Vick, this pig is screaming so hard as if it is being cut, let’s close him something to fall.
I also get on his nerves cry.
Victoria took a penis gag from the shelf and stuck a slave in her mouth.
Sticking up the gag straps on the back of her head, the Mistress said: All Yule, you will no longer hear the cries of a vile animal.
And, for the fact that you are a bitch screaming and that caused us discomfort, do not expect mercy.
She also took the rod and struck the slave in the back with a strong blow.
Now Sergey felt blows from two sides, they were poured on him by a hail, he felt how the skin dismounts from his body.
The girls, meanwhile, were getting more and more popular; they replaced the rod, first with a whip, and then they began to whip. sex hd hidden camera
Sergei did not understand anything from the unbearable pain, and his only desire now was to die.
Vika, seeing the state of the slave, decided to stop the execution.
Yulia, it’s time to stop, otherwise this pig will not be able to serve us, but I don’t want to do anything myself.

I agree girlfriend, we have worked so well, I really like his body painted with rods and whip.
Still, the rod is a good thing, I will now constantly use them on my slaves.
Mrs. undid the slave from the machine, he collapsed on the floor and lay without movement, could not move away from the painful shock.
Victoria turned to her friend: Yul, while the animal comes to life, let’s go drink wine.
And then she threw a slave: I give you fifteen minutes to come to your senses, another ten minutes to clean up, wash yourself with cold water, clean here and after twenty-five minutes you are at our feet, continue to serve us.
The girls embraced and went on to continue to have fun.
Sergei heard the words of the Lady, as if in a fog, he was sick, his head was spinning, every slightest movement caused him unbearable pain.
He lay down a little more, with great difficulty he rose and barely – barely got to the shower in his closet.
Sergey knew that if he did not fulfill the order of his Mistress in time and with high quality, the punishment would be the strongest.

Standing under the cold water, he washed the blood off of himself, at first the water brought relief, but it was so cold that a chill went through his body, he felt thousands of invisible needles pierced him from all sides.
Coming out of the soul, slave.
wiped off with a rag that served him instead of a towel.
Then he went to the room where he received the punishment, poured blood there, put the machine in order, put everything in place and put it in its place and crawled on its knees to its Mistress.
It was very difficult to crawl, he, overcoming pain and weakness, crawled into the room where Vika and Yulia were, crawled to the sofa on which the girls were sitting, stopped a meter from them, head down to the floor.
They were talking among themselves, not noticing the kneeling man standing in front of them.
Finally, Victoria said to Yulia: So our dog has granted me a pet.
This is good, but it is bad without a servant, and he is disciplined with you, he was not late for a second.

I hate slavery in slavery and strictly punish them for this, my knowing my temper, try not to make mistakes.
Slave pour us a glass of wine, – ordered Vick Sergey.
He got down on his knees and took a bottle of wine from the table and poured it into the Lady’s glass.
They drank wine and looked at Sergey.
Vic, well we have decorated him.
Next time will know how to negotiate with the hostess.
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