site de webcam Most of the time took hairstyle and manicure.
She turned every nail with enviable persistence, as the jeweler polishes his diamonds.
Then she carefully went through her wardrobe, looking for the most sexy lingerie.
But in the end she opted for red lace panties and the same color of her bra.

It was somehow strange to feel oneself.
whore, that’s exactly how she is now.
comes selling his body to this man for work.
But on the other hand, Tanya calmed herself, she also needs it, because she offered him this and it seems to happen by mutual consent.
At seven she left the house and at three minutes to eight was already near the entrance.
Houses in this elite and rich area were high, with all the windows – double glazed windows.
Tanya called Igor’s apartment through the intercom, waited some time until the beep signal informed that the door was open.
She climbed to the fourth floor of this elite house, which had terribly clean entrances, and in the lobby there was a concierge on duty with two guards.
Tanya found the right door, pressed the bell and waited.
In the depths of the apartment a cheerful ringing of the bell rang out, and it became quiet.
Tanya nervously mumbled her fingers, still a little doubting her right choice.

She already wanted to leave, as the footsteps sounded and the door opened. http www webcam
Igor let Tanya into the apartment and locked the door behind her.
The first thing that Tanya noted is high ceilings and light rooms.
Igor asked her to undress, and he went into another room.
Tanya took off her shoes, jacket and followed him.
The hall was large, the size of her apartment, in the center of which stood a huge television set.
There was a simulator in the corner, racks with books and photos in another corner.
Tanya went to the hall and looked around.
Then Igor came into the room in his dressing-gown, holding a bottle of wine, two glasses and a box of chocolates.
Have a drink? – he asked.
Of course.
But it was only an excuse.
Having drunk a glass, Igor had already pulled Tanya to himself, put an arm around her shoulder and grabbed his chest with his hand.
Tanya started, smiled sweetly, and slightly moved away from Igor.
But he, it seems, did not like such games at all and pulled the girl to himself.
Tanya took a deep breath, deciding that let everything go as it should.
Igor dug his lips into her lips, roughly caressing her lips with his tongue, pushing it through his teeth.
Finally, looking up from her lips, he opened his robe and threw it aside.

Tanya fascinated looking at his muscular arms and shoulders, strong press and excited standing member.
Well, what are you? He asked her.
Without saying a word, Tanya took off all her clothes and, remaining naked, squeezed the legs together, as if defending herself against Igor.
He stood a meter away from her, burning with lust, with eyes shining with desire.
So baby, let’s take it again in the mouth, – said Igor quietly.
He lifted her from the sofa, sat down himself in her place and positioned Tanya’s head near his head.
Tanya put her hands on his hips and pinched his overstrained member with her lips.
Igor leaned back on the sofa, a contented smile spread across his face.
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