trust exis webcam I had a wonderful daughter, Ksyusha.
Nature generously rewarded her with physical beauty, however, like me.
Now she is 14 years old, and I am 30, and we are like two similar droplets.
We are often mistaken for sisters.

We do not have any secrets from each other, secrets and try to find a common language in any issues, including intimate ones.
We often have men at home, because I am an unmarried woman and naturally they do not come that easily.
I have sex with them, and very diverse and long.
My daughter knows about it, and I take it easy.
I never expel her from the house at such hours, I do not lock my bedroom with a key.
I know that she often spies on my bed scenes.
I see nothing wrong with that.
Let her know it better from me, than someone raping her and hurting her.
Once we talked with her about sex and my relationship to him.
Ksyusha asked me a key question.
She asked why I often kneel during intercourse, and men love me, from behind.
I will not hide, I have been waiting for a similar question for a long time, since it was impossible not to notice that I am engaged in anal sex.

I really like this kind of sex.
I practice it regularly and want to share my impressions.
First of all, I wanted to tell my girlfriend about it.
She is still a virgin.
To lose her in her usual place she can herself and without any special problems and special training.
Quite another thing – her ass.
She is charming – fluffy, elastic, just like me.
I am simply obliged to prepare it for future tests, which, undoubtedly, are awaiting it, since such an ass doesn’t remain unnoticed for long.
I know that by myself.
At least two or three times a week I have anal sex and have an orgasm at the same time.
Men like to stick my ass on their limbs, and the more impressive the body, the more pleasure I get, the stronger I experience an orgasm.
My supersensitive anus became for me a real source of pleasure. japan webcam video
Often, I even masturbate myself in the ass.
I brought the technique of anal intercourse to perfection and proud of it.
And now I want to share my secrets with my Ksyushenka.

When I asked her a question, I answered directly, saying that men have me not only in the vagina, but also in the ass.
My daughter was a little surprised at first, not understanding how something can be thrown in there.
Then I decided to move from theory to practice and on real things to show what and how.
We went to the bedroom.
There, I told Xenia to undress completely and lie sideways on the bed.
My obedient girl did just that.
Then I asked her to bend the legs at the knees and to maximally tighten her stomach so that her ass protrudes to the side, and the buttocks are parted.
The pose turned out just amazing.
Two elastic halves opened a charming, virgin, small anus.
How beautiful he is.
All of a sudden, I had a wild desire to touch him, insert my finger into him, kiss him, lick his tongue, as men often do to me.
I sat down beside my daughter, took her hand and ran along the crotch, stopping at the cherished hole.
Then I stuck her finger deep into her.

Ksyusha started for a moment, but then calmed down.
Her anus was so narrow that it hardly took even one finger.
She did not understand how you can enter a big dick.
Then I decided to prove it to her.
I undressed myself, got on my knees and put my gorgeous ass right in front of my daughter.
She was delighted and could now personally witness the fruit of my many years of bedding scenes.
My anus was many times bigger than her.
In order to certify her of this, I asked her to stick her ass in her ass.
She made it.
Her finger literally swallowed my gorge.
There was not the slightest resistance.
The difference was impressive.
I sat down beside my daughter and said that she would have the same, and that she would be able to get unimaginable pleasure from having anal sex.
However, there is one “but”, our ass should always be extremely clean and fragrant.
Otherwise, men can refuse us themselves.
To do this, before each anal intercourse you need to do a flavored enema, and then lubricate the anus with a special cream.

But that is exactly what we are closely involved.
I took out a special solution, diluted it in a few liters of water and made Ksenya two enemas so that her ass was crystal clear.
I told the same thing to do with my ass, because I wanted terribly to get a portion of anal pleasure on that day.
Well, our ass are clean.
You can proceed to the most interesting.
To begin, I decided to reward my baby with a portion of oral sex.
By myself I know how it excites and relaxes the anus.
Since they need to begin anal intercourse, to its end to be on top of pleasure.
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