web cam recorder online Max stroked her soft stomach, felt his chest, then his hand slipped down, covered her pubis.
He ran his finger over the triangle of fabric, feeling for the gap between the outer lips.
Julia felt her knees bend.
The touches were gentle, but powerful.

Tony watched with a smile as his brother stroked Julia.
She leaned toward him, in the hope that he would take part in this game.
Max, meanwhile, stuck two fingers into her panties and climbed into an island of pubic hair.
A shiver ran through Julia’s body.
Fingers were moving their hair apart, going to the hot “stove,” but they didn’t dive into it.
God, how she wanted him to touch her clit.
He throbbed excitedly, living his own life.
“You know, Max,” Tony said, “I have a feeling that the call was false.”
And someone should be punished for wasting time.
“Yes,” said Max, “you are absolutely right, brother.”
What should we do with you, Julia? You are guilty of misusing urban firefighters.
This is a serious offense.
I’m afraid a cup of whiskey tea is not enough to make amends.
– I.

I am so sorry for what I did, ”Julia whispered.
Max’s hands moved to the bra. web cam recorder online
“We’ll have to punish you,” Max’s lips curved in a wolfish smile.
With a sharp movement, he dropped the bra straps from her shoulders, cups from her breasts, revealing dark nipples standing upright.
Supported by the knitting needles and cups of her chest, Julia almost stuck her face in the face of Max.
Julia just squeaked when Tony leaned over the table and now his hand dived into lace panties.
Crawled between the legs, split the outer lips.
Finger groped “hole”.
“Mmm, how hot and wet it is.”
And just look at these elastic buffers.
Looks like she wants something.
“Then we cannot disappoint the lady,” Max answered.
He was burning her passion, Julia was speechless.
And Tony, meanwhile, removed his hand and stood up.
Julia’s legs gave way, refusing to hold the weight of her body.
And she would have slipped to the floor if Max, who had also risen, had not grasped her thighs and had not laid her stomach on the table.
She did not protest.

Bare breasts pressed into a cold tree.
Touching the cold only added excitement to the already hardened nipples.
“Well, Julia, it’s time to punish you,” Tony lifted the hem of his satin robe, thrust it into his stocking belt.
Julia blushed like a cancer when Max pulled off her panties, leaving them under the very buttocks.
Slightly pushed her forward.
The flip-flops flew off somewhere, their legs spread apart, sliding across the tiled floor.
Julia imagined how she now looks: tangled hair falling on her face, bare breasts, big fat ass facing the ceiling.
And the “pussy”, paraded between the thighs apart, wet red lips among the dark blond hair.
Lord, two men, how does it excite.
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