webcam erotica officecutie How are you, honey? However, I know everything.
Houses will tell.
– Anya winked and got comfortable on the backseat.

At home, climbing under a blanket with delicious livers, Anya told her everything, everything that happened to her, and how she was to blame for not warning Oksana about her departure, and how she really wants to avenge these scumbags for the whole spoiled life with their nasty acts.
Well, Annie, one application in the mentovka is not enough, you will have to resort to using the whole arsenal of my store.
– Oksana smiled.
“Well, you know what I’m getting at, yes?” Anya nodded her head and smiled slyly.
Call Sasha and tell me that you really became a whore, removed the hut and are ready to accept him from Kostya as a client.
Anya called and said everything as it should.
The appointment is scheduled for tomorrow.
In the meantime, they had time to prepare everything for tomorrow’s revenge.

Girlfriends went shopping, bought Ana black boots above the knee with high heels, sexy underwear, stockings, black tight-fitting jumpsuit with a deep neckline, and much more.
Then we drove to the store of Oksana, and Anya was amazed how much everything there is for the pleasure of perverts in the world, she had never seen such a variety of toys.
There were also gynecological-like chairs, only with attachments to the legs, hands and neck, some machines with moving dildos, some devices with wires, cages, sliding tables, attachments, lashes, whips, stacks, etc.
We were accompanied by workers, and Oksana only pointed her finger at the devices, and the workers immediately completed them and carried her jeep into the trunk.
When everything was finished, they went home and began to install everything as it was convenient for them. webcam hd erotic
A special table with fixtures, friends set up in the middle of the room and disguised as a regular table, bedded a tablecloth, set a bowl of fruit.

Above the chandelier there were fasteners that were raised and lowered down, the cell was placed next to the nightstand and also covered with boards and tablecloth so that it was invisible.
And, of course, they prepared all kinds of instruments of torture: weathervanes, stacks and whips, and the sex machine was already ready in the closet.
The girls dressed: Anya wore the very black dress with an open back, which Oksana presented to her and high lacquered boots, Oksana wore a new black jumpsuit and stilettos.
When it was all over, the doorbell rang.
Oksana hid in the next room, and Anya opened the door: on the threshold stood Sasha from Kostya, who handed her a bouquet of flowers.
This is for you.
Forgive me for that act.
She did not answer, smiled warmly and invited me to enter.
The guys smiled, the thirst for the female body, and Anya invited them into the room.
Mmmm, you have settled well, An, Sasha said with admiration.

Yes, my friend and I are shooting.
Where is your friend? – Kostya asked.
We take turns working, so don’t worry boys.
– smiled Anya.
– Just let us agree, I first want to play with Sasha, and you, Kostya, while you go to the bathroom.
– the girl pointed the guy at the door leading to the bathroom.
Kostya wished Sasha luck, winked and left, and Sanya followed Anna, who led him to the table.
Then, tightly hugging, whispered in your ear: Honey, I want to play.
I will give you unprecedented sensations that you have never experienced.
Lie down on the table, I’ll tie your eyes, hands.
And she will do everything with you, like a real whore.
Sasha’s mouth watered in anticipation, and he nodded in agreement.
Anya removed a bowl of fruit from the table, and put the guy on her stomach on that very table.
Blindfold him, she fastened his arms and legs to the table.
Then she moved away, enjoying the spectacle of her ex-boyfriend’s bare ass.

Then she went to the closet and rolled out a sex machine.
Yeah, revenge will be sweet.
But it is better not to rush.
She took a car antenna from the nightstand and a rubber dildo on the clasp, cautiously approached the guy, kissed him on the lips and sharply stuck a rubber member in his mouth, fastened around her head, then removed the blindfold from her eyes.
He pulled her eyes with a frightened look: “What does all this mean?” Anya smiled, turned the antenna in front of her and returned to his butt and with a force struck the antenna on his tanned ass, which left a bright red mark.
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