webcam live tv White walls adorned with fluffy lights of multi-colored garlands.
An almost two-meter-high Christmas tree (with a shining blue megandavid on top and silver tinsel) was hung with multi-colored glass balls.
And, finally, the main table was served with a huge cheese pizza and the best “tank” wine “Saakashvili”.
“This is all I prepared.

– almost proudly stated Ilya.
– Mom will be quite pleased.
“He really did an excellent job this pre-New Year’s Eve, from the search for eating in the local forests (its cuttings and preparation) to the independent sculpturing of the pizza! And all this is for the beloved mommy, the famous pop singer Isolde Aslanovna, who is about to arrive here in S.
– to your cozy hunting lodge, after the next concert at the banquet of a local mafia.
“Yes, mom will be pleased.
“- said Ilya once more in his thoughts.
Satisfied, pleasantly drunk, he lazily walked away from the window, put a drunk glass on the table and stopped at the cupboard in the mirror.
Togo big pierum, which looked his famous mother, making the final touches on themselves before each appearance.
In reflection, a tall, slender guy looked at him, with a pale gothicly stretched face, a small shock of smooth-smoothed black hair, tired brown eyes, a long, even nose, and swollen pale brown layers of lips.

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“A typical student” – he only smiled to himself, noting that the blue denim jacket (under which was only a white T-shirt) and the same blue jeans, only outlined his slenderness of the body.
However, he was suddenly more attracted by the features of his lanky face, which, after last year’s attack of eels, seemed to him to have matured considerably.
“Who am I more like,” thought Ilya, carefully looking into the mirror image.
– It is true that my father’s eyes, like the nose.
But the lips and chin maternal.
That is, I have Jewish “loops” and a sense of smell, but Georgian touch! ”From this funny thought, his plump lips stretched out into a drunken smile.
Now he clearly saw in the mirror the visual creation of his father – a Russian subtle office Jew, and a spectacular mother – a lovely Georgian diva.
And this “creation” was already two decades old.
“I am only half Georgian,” he grinned.
“With all my other part, I am Judas!” He again looked at the prepared room with a weary look.
The wine, in honor of the legendary Georgian tanker Gregory from the old Polish serial film “Four Tankmen and the Dog,” greatly relaxed his body and pulled him into a luxurious snow-white sofa located right there in the hall.

However, he understood that if he only lay down, he would fall asleep blissful sleep, and after all the efforts for the upcoming New Year’s meeting, this would be a tremendous flaw for him! Ilya went to the window again: neither the lumen of the bright headlights, nor the buzz of the mother’s silver-colored “Merc” was heard.
Only thick snow continued to rustle softly in the darkness of the pre-night.
Again hypnotized by him, Illya thought that this New Year will probably be the most peaceful in his life.
Without city noise, bright salutes and human cries, fighting chimes with TV and flickering of the same “blue-pink” stars of the pop scene.
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