webcam sex arab Here’s the money.
father brought a folded bag in the newspaper.
You see, daughter, I have been collecting money for you all the years.
I was hoping to find you and at eighteen to present an expensive gift.

Here is a hundred and two thousand.
If it is reasonable to spend, it will be enough for the first time, and there I will send you every salary! Now I got a good job.
Masha buried her father in the chest, cried, thus making her even more sure that her father loved and did not forget about her for a minute! My father continued, here is the address of my friend in Afghanistan.
I’ll call him and he will help you get settled.
He is a loyal friend and you can trust him! We drove for a long time.
The road to the Black Sea cost us six days.
It was impossible to go by train, family tickets were given, it would have been easy to find us without getting off the train.
Yes, and Masha did not have a passport, but only one of me.
We drove as we could, by passing cars, by train, by bus, even by horse carriage.

We were met by a strong, cheerful Uncle Sasha.
Well, you give a pancake, well guys, you voosche.
ZHYST: Uncle Sasha loved to say: Well, never mind, you are here today, and tomorrow I will take you to your house, the house on the seashore.
Uncle Sasha emphasized.
His mother lived there, she died last year, and the house was empty.
Uncle Sasha occasionally visited him.
mow the grass in the yard and garden, and just relax! Machines father, when called him, and said that his daughter and son-in-law.
When we arrived at this house, Uncle Sasha, without embarrassment, showed a single bed in the house.
Here you have the kids bed, sheets and blanket, all in the wardrobe.
Live and do not be afraid.
I have already talked to the local precinct, he is also ours, fighting friend for Afghan.
Do not be afraid Mashun, do not sell! Uncle Sasha left, we were left alone with Masha. hp integrated webcam not working
Looked around.
the house was good, although old.
Two rooms and a small kitchen, we were quite satisfied.

Yes, and we could not dream of something better.
Evening came, Masha and I sat and looked at each other and were silent.
The time was nearing twelve o’clock.
Mash, I broke the silence.
You lie down on the bed, and I will lay on the floor.
Masha put out the light.
We lay silent.
Everyone thought the same thing, what you, my dear readers, thought about the same thing! Masha has already broken the silence.
Vov, and Grandma is not dead to us? Are you Mashun, all this is a fairy tale.
The dead do not walk at night, they lie in the cemetery.
I said, and at the very goose crawled on the back! And more confidently I added.
Do not be afraid, I’m near! Uh-huh, next, while you are to me, this granny will strangle me.
And then I understood Mashkin hint.
Of course it is.
I said.
These dead are they, let them mock the living.
Here I know one case.
Our grandmother died there, so she went out every night, howled like a wolf and kept calling her daughter with her.
Oh my God!

Masha, as if she was scalded, jumped up from her bed and in a second lay under my blanket with her nose buried in my chest.
Do not scare me.
I ask you: Everything, everything.
I will not be anymore! Still, I thought to myself.
After all, I have achieved my goal, Masha is lying nearby! Mashka tore her head off my chest and looked intently into my eyes.
Vova, you love me.
? She asked in a whisper.
Yes, only I could say.
Masha dug into my lips, and the time stopped, stopped for us! I kissed her eyes, lip lips, nose, neck.
Her every finger recognized my kiss.
Above us music played, music of love, huge, youthful love! Dear Vova, beloved Vova, I love you, and without you I could not live whispered Masha.
She first take off my T-shirt.
I did my best to help her take it off.
She clung to my chest and began to kiss.
showered with kisses to the navel.
Only here I noticed that my Masha is lying in a sweater and jeans.
I started kissing her neck, trying to get lower and lower.

I began to unbutton the buttons on her sweater.
Masha was trembling, she tried to grab my head with her hands and pull it up higher, pull it away from my chest.
I stubbornly unbuckled those not giving in to those damned buttons.
Already half undid.
She was wearing a black bra.
I began to kiss her breasts through the fabric of her bra.
Masha was trembling, stood up sobbing.
I knew that the bra was unbuttoned at the back on the back, and so I began to search obstinately for these damn hooks.
I searched for a long time, but did not find it.
I tried to pull my chest out of my bra.
Few I managed it.
I drowned in her chest!
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