webcam teen school My enthusiasm diminished a little when I saw how big the bag was.
It turned from flat as a pancake into a quivering, heavy-looking roundness.
– How much does it fit? I asked in a casual tone.
– Two liters, – said Marina, – as much as written on the box.

I checked, pouring water from a mug.

– Good.
– I gave a hint, mentally equating the bag to my stomach.
– The soul went to the heels? – she began to tease.
“No, I just wanted to clarify,” I replied, feeling insecure.
– Good! Lie down on your left side, and I will bet, ”said Marina, pointing to the towel she spread on the floor.
I lay down, bent my knees properly and looked at the bag.
He looked huge and menacing.
My heart pounded when Marina inserted a plastic tip into my ass. gay men webcam chat
After a moment, my curiosity about the enema was satisfied.
I felt the flow of water, and the warmth began to fill me.
From surprise, I even made some sound.
The movement inside me stopped.
– Do not bother? – Marina asked with interest.
– No, just crushes a little.
“Good,” came the answer.

I again felt the warmth slowly creeping into me.
The pressure increased, but then subsided, as I moved deeper and deeper.
It was not unpleasant.
The water rushing through the tube into my ass gave a good feeling and raised the warm pressure inside me.
A clicking sound reported a new flow stop.
“Turn on your back to continue,” she said calmly.
I rolled on my back and was able to see the water level through the yellowish rubber walls of the bag hanging above me.
Marina again opened the tap.
Feelings were different.
Heavy heat spread to the middle of the abdomen.
“Turn to the right side, we will finish,” she said, but did not stop the water.
– How are you feeling? – Not bad.
New sensations.
The right side of the abdomen was tense due to pressure from the inside, and I could see that it was swollen.
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