www webcam free Calmed down.
She again began to seize fantasy.
She indulged in them at any free moment and wherever she was: in bed, in the bathroom, in transport, at work.
They practically took possession of her.

However, she began to notice that the meeting with Nicholas was contributing to her mental images.
If from the moment she first experienced affinity with a man, she surrendered to him, her mental pictures became filled with only the stronger sex and everything was painted in the spirit of the first date, the one about which she could not forget the date with Dima, then after meeting with Nikolai Pictures have changed a lot. red panda webcam
Each time they became more and more unexpected.
The classic acquaintance on the Internet has been replaced by fantasies of unexpected “real” acquaintance in the process of ordinary life.
She introduced herself to men interested in the train, in the hotel and just on the street.
She began to endow them with qualities similar to those of Nikolaev.
They became impatient, tougher, rougher.
She practically painted a repetition of this last meeting.
A man in her fantasy behaved just like Nicholas, disregarding her feelings, using her at her own discretion, and she, in turn, with the unconcealed, almost slavish obedience, kowtowed before him.
And that’s not it.
Then she tried to let two men into the dream world.
She got it.
Two followed three.
A larger number apparently did not fit in her head.
But, nevertheless, the fantasy always, no matter how many men she imagined, included only hers. www webcam free