720p 30fps webcam Each time he argued (to his satisfaction) that sexuality and desire for sex is in the woman’s mind, not in her body.
If he manages to sneak into their heads, they do everything that a man orders them to satisfy him.
The rest of the time is spent on teaching women new techniques of sexual gratification and securing their new outlook on life.
Above all, the Bossman believed only in the violent form of “complete submission.”

Reprogramming required both minor and specialized submission roles.
Time after time he put the girls in various physically, psychologically, and emotionally degrading situations that required complete subordination to the man, his new Master.
Although each role was carefully thought out to ensure that the girl went through all levels of pain and humiliation, the men remained human beings.
Trained women, as on the selection, all the beauties, and sometimes, when they are not very, then zealously obey, men can slightly overdo it.

Therefore, he sometimes has to improvise in order to fit into the curriculum everything that men could do with helpless girls.
At the expense of Victoria, he had no doubt that she would break.
Despite everything that they were going to do with it.
And as soon as this happens, it will be subjected to more and more new acts of subordination, even if small.
And it is not so important how willingly she will perform them – every time everything will end for her worse and worse.
She will always be subjected to more and more humiliations.
Although, on the other hand, she will also have to learn that disobedience will be much worse offense for her.
At the same time, they will psychologically tune her about the attractiveness of complete submission to her captors.
As an exam, she will be given a test whether she will be able to comply with the requirements of a man, even if it threatens her life. gay porn cam
But you need to learn something.
There have been big changes in your life.

You’re not my mother’s daughter now.
And not father’s little girl.
You don’t need to go to college now.
You don’t have a boyfriend.
And the superhero will not burst into this door to save you.
Nobody knows you’re here.
In a week you will not worry anyone and nobody will go on your search.
He spoke with a Caribbean accent.
I tried not to look at him.
I was connected, and I understood that it was enough to pretend that he was not there to somehow ignore him.
– Girl, we all go through one eternal sexual dance, but which, according to women, men simplify, and therefore they look at all the romance either as a strategy or as a commitment.
But, – he stated, – I will show you that there is a seductive force that women find when they take the inexplicable with full dedication.
Life has not taught you that the human brain is the most sensitive and arousing sexual organ of the human body.
I will help you figure it out and accept your inevitable future.
As a teenager, you read novels that were written about seduction fantasies, but they were just fantasies.

The reality here, your new reality is that I will have your body, no matter what, but I hunt for your consciousness; and you better understand this.
You are mine now, but you will be mine only when I finish with you.
He continued: – The whole truth is that you are now a sex slave for one of my clients.
You only ass the next few weeks.
You will be trained for it.
I am for obedience than for thinking about freedom.
So less fuss.
So either you resist and lose with a huge amount of pain, or you give me what I want.
Your choice.
I have no doubt that you, like all the teenagers of your age, had fantasies that you didn’t tell anyone about.
We will teach you to love this fine line between your fantasies and reality.
We will help you to blur these boundaries.
Although others only work except in the library.
You, however, at first glance, are different from others.
And while still somewhat naive about how men look at you.
I will take courage, and it will be my pleasure, and I will show that you are created for sex, you have the makings of a whore.

As he spoke, I tried to move my arms.
But as soon as he talked about his plans for me, I was shaken, and with great effort I tried to free my legs and arms.
At some point I stopped and stayed down, breathing heavily through my nose, trying not to give in to panic.
As soon as he began to speak again, a second man entered the cabin and stood waiting.
I quickly glanced at him, and he seemed to me like a black aged Elvis.
The man continued.
– You know, to seduce a man, a woman puts on high heels shoes, perhaps a shirt, well, or a mask.
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