best boobs cam Rita, sitting on the canopy and spreading his legs, gave Artem to enter into.
He began to move quickly in her, I watched as she closed her eyes and began to quickly stroke him, already all eyes were attracted to our youth, who began to copulate very nicely, kissing passionately they merged with each other, I reached into the hot vagina of my wife, who I kissed passionately with Oleg, Inna and Sergei also kissed, and Sergey’s hand was in the wife’s vagina too, idyll and nothing more! At this time, Artem exploded, lingering ending in Rita! The first part of this day is over))) (to be continued)
Weekend with a young couple (BI, young) At 35 I am lonely and, besides work, I have fun knowing what, finding girls and sometimes couples through dating sites and social services.

I got acquainted with Ira and Artyom about a month ago on Mamba.
Ira wrote that they had been together for a long time and had already tried a lot, but it became boring and they want to bring in diversity, though they are embarrassed to immediately agree on sex, especially Artyom.

On Skype Artem seemed to me a modest young man, who in principle for diversity, but against cheating behind his back.
Sometimes the three of us, sometimes Ira or Artyom easily communicate about anything for a few weeks on the Internet, gradually getting used to each other and, finally, agree to meet in one of the cafes of our big city.
I choose not a noisy lounge cafe with private sofas, where you could not be afraid of someone else’s ears, and the guys offer to meet on Saturday afternoon. best boobs cam
I come, as I used to, first.
On the occasion of summer weather I wear light boots, trousers and a shirt.
Ira comes overtaking a young man on his heels, in a mini and a shirt top.
On Artyom boots, jeans and a T-shirt.
– Hello, – Ira has a playful voice, she smacks me on the cheek when I get up to meet.
– Hi, – Artyom greets the hand, the voice sounds quiet and a bit tense.
– Hi guys! – I respond kindly to the couple and point to the sofa.
– Sit down.
We sit in a semicircle.

“How are you, is everything all right?” “Best of all,” Ira responds, and Artyom nods.
The guys choose something from the menu and call the waiter with a bell and order a glass of juice.
– Listen, where are you so pumped up? – asks the girl.
– Fifteen years in a rocking chair and the last five a couple of times a week for yoga.
By the way, thanks for the compliment.
All the more pleasant to hear from such a slim beauty! – Thank you.
– But Artyom is in great shape.
What do you do? – I ask him.
– The swimming was also swinging, though my muscles are not so tall, this is the constitution.
The couple is really slim.
A thin young man just below my 185 and a slender girl 10 centimeters below.
He, like me, is a brunette with a short haircut, but I have a medium-sized man’s face, and he has rather a thin poetic bone.
Ira – feminine brown-haired woman with hair below the shoulder blades and fascinating, cat plastic.
From communication on the Internet I already know that he is 27 and she is 25.

“Guys, how old are you together?” “Seven years,” answers Artyom.
“Almost eight,” corrects the girl.
– Yes, and really you can try a lot and want to experiment, – I notice.
– Artem, in the questionnaire it is written that you are more hetero, but a bit bi.
How little? Artyom looks away.
Ira lays his hand on the inner surface of the thigh, as far as I can see, closer to her fly, bends down to me and is responsible for him: – He never tried, but she looks like crazy in bison and bisexuals, and probably even jerks off when I’m not around.
“Ira, stop it,” asks Artyom.
“Okay, okay,” Ira laughs.
– I have more experience, but you do not want to – I will not pester, – I reassure him.
“By the way, whose idea is it to meet in three?” “I often want more and more when I’m excited and don’t want to change behind my back,” explains the girl.
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