best home webcam He knew what he was doing, giving me pleasure to compare with which only my first oral experience with a girl could.
The guy stopped moving his hand and clasping my dick into a fist, began to squeeze and press him, changing the pace.
This was the last straw.
Biting my lip so as not to moan, I began to cum straight into my pants.

Sensing this, he began to move his hand even more vigorously.
When it was over, for some time he held my limp member in his hand, and then let go, still looking out of the window.
Trying to thank him for such a strong or-gazm, I changed the position, standing so that my hand touched his genitals.
The people were not so many, and I easily succeeded.
The guy was in light pants, and probably did not wear pants.
Through the thin fabric of his pants, I felt well every vein and unevenness in his excited penis.
I moved my hand, repeating his movement, and with pleasure noting his reaction.
Caressing me, he was already very excited, so it took me quite a bit of time to bring him to orgasm.
I felt his cock twitch, releasing semen flows.
The thin tissue instantly got wet, and I felt his hot cum in my palm.
The trolley bus stopped at my stop.
Making my way to the exit, I looked back and came across a puzzled look from the back seat of a woman who must have seen the final act of our scene.

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Blushing deeply, she looked from me to the wet spot on the pants of the guy who was still standing by the window.
SERGEY (laughs).
Kirya! Life sometimes makes its own adjustments.
Well, it happens like this: get out in the morning without an umbrella, not expecting rain, and he, fucking, ka-aaa lupanet because of the barn, and – you’re all wet in one minute.
And it happens that you walk with an umbrella all day like a fool, because in the morning it will seem to you that the rain is about to gush, and for the whole day it won’t fall on you.
everything, Kirya, it happens! Right, Ton, am I saying? ANTON
if I were in the place of Timofeevna, I would put you some “fives”.
SERGEY (laughs).
Nah me Timofeevna! You appreciate me, Ton, and this is important – this is quite enough for me.
So, Kirya! (Looks at CYRILL.
) In the ass, then.
nothing fucking terrible in this – in the ass give us now for Razik! Tone, fucking wants.
What the fuck are you translating the arrows on me? Himself, fuck, you want.
you want it yourself! SERGEI.
Well, I want a little bit.
What am I – do I refuse? What my friend wants is not forbidden to want me.
) And then.
sex is limitless in its manifestations, and only people who are stupid or very limited can not understand this – can stupidly deny this quite obvious truth.

Yes exactly! (Looks at ANTONA.
) Tone, as I said? Philosophically? ANTON (laughs).
To the very point! SERGEY (throws up his hands).
with whom you lead, from and you pick up.
Right, Kirya? (Looks at CYRILL.
I dont know.
you did not speak.
did not say that in the ass – also necessary.
They said that I would suck, but I would not give it in the ass.
we did not agree! SERGEY (laughs).
Well, just change the roadmap.
what are you with? Do not like it – we will not do this again.
that’s all!
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