big webcam tube Igor Mikhailovich, I need this job! – Tanya said, when they went to his office.
It turned out to be wide, bright, and expensively furnished with taste.
It was clear that the money from this Igor are found, and not small.
Well, what can I do? We already have girls in mind, of course, you have very good parameters, but you are not suitable for us.

will you change your mind? – Tanya asked, swallowing saliva and blushing deeply.
And what can make me change my mind? – He asked, carefully looking at this naive girl.
Under his gaze, Tanya was embarrassed even more and lowered her eyes to the floor, looking at the toes of her shoes.
Well, you understand.
Igor coughed, thought for a second, looking at Tanya.
“Hmm, but she’s pretty not bad.
Good woman, he thought.
His gaze traveled along her legs, feeling her slim strong legs, looking slightly higher, holding him on his small chest, which, however, did not lose its attractiveness for the masculine look.
He also meticulously examined her hands, satisfied with the medium length of well-groomed nails and graceful fingers.
“And without clothes?” Well, let’s see, we’ll see.
– Igor said, reaching the door and closing it with a key.
Then he went to his desk, pressed a button and told the secretary not to be disturbed. russian webcam dirty talk porn
– Take off your clothes.

From such directness Tanya for a moment was taken aback, surprised and frightened looking at this stern, but manly attractive man.
But then she realized that she was trying to achieve this and now there is nowhere to retreat.
Reluctantly, her eyes lowered, she pulled off her short dress, remaining only in black lace stockings and underwear.
The panties were as black and attractive as the bra, which favorably emphasized the dignity of the chest, making it slightly larger.
“Well, yes, indeed, there is something to see,” Igor thought.
The sight of such a young and innocent girl aroused in him that beast, whom.
he vainly concealed in himself and from others.
Although he had enough of these models here, this one was somehow special.
Others knew what they were going and were not afraid, but this one? Itself does not even understand what is going on, but it still goes.
“With this, everything will not be so easy” – Igor firmly intended to use this fool more than once.
Well, what are you so long? – he threw impatiently, jumping from his chair and jumping to Tanya.
She shuddered in surprise and slightly pulled away from him.
But he did not notice, being completely absorbed in her clothes.
With trembling hands, but still skillful, he unbuttoned her bra, catching the two halves of her breasts in her hands, soft and pleasant to the touch.

He roughly crumpled them in his hands, wrapped his fingers around his nipples and began to massage them, causing a slight shiver over Tanya’s body.
Never had her hand touched a skilled and demanding man.
Men were, but not so passionate and temperamental.
He literally blew animal magnetism and passion.
Igor unzipped his pants fly and pulled out his excited but not enough member.
Suck it – just said.
Tanya awkwardly took it in her hand, feeling the pleasant heat and hardness of his organ.
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