couples bongacams So there was no question of panties and bras! She said: “Oh, honey, I didn’t wait for you so early! Let’s go to the kitchen – this is dinner, you can eat without me!” Slapping barefoot on linoleum, she showed me dinner.
I went to the bedroom to change clothes, and when I left, I looked into the corridor – there was visible our room, or rather, the mirror built into the closet! Luda was sitting naked on Vadim’s lap — facing him.
With his right hand he dried her hair with a hair dryer, and with his left he stroked her back, dropping to the bottom! I continued to dress at home, and when I heard that the hair dryer had turned off, I began to peek again.
Luda, sitting on Vadim’s lap with both hands, pressed his head to her chest! Then she rose, kneeling on the couch.

Vadim was kissing my wife’s tummy, and with both hands he caressed her elastic, almost boys’ buns! It was visible, as under his white trousers a large size grew up.
I went to wash a little before dinner, still take a shower in the evening! When I left, Luda ran into the bath.
She jumped into the bath and began to wash herself, not even bothering to close the door, apparently, despite my presence, they still had quick sex! Due to the piquancy of the situation, Vadim was a little embarrassed, and began to put on shoes before going out, saying: “Luda, I will wait for you on the street!” My wife went out to close behind him, wiping herself with a towel on the move, and said: “I am quick!” She kissed him, closed, then pulled the topic, the mini skirt, shook herself in the light shales, kissed me, saying: “Soon don’t wait for me!” and ran into the street.

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I have to admit that this whole situation made me very excited, especially since I imagined how Lyuda would measure her clothes for Vadim, he would evaluate, and in the process of fitting she would stand in front of him naked! I sat down to dinner, drank 100 grams of a horseman, and at about 11 pm I was overwhelmed by a dream! I woke up at 2-30 at night.
I started calling Lyudmilka on my mobile, but the phone was not available.
Then I went out to the balcony, to get some fresh air – I do not smoke, unlike my wife.
Vadim undertook to conduct Luda, especially since the shopping bag was just huge.
After waiting a bit, I went to the door to open it.
But there was still no call.
Looking out through the peephole, I saw my Luda kissing passionately with Vadim.
Her skirt is raised almost to the waist, and his hand is wielding between Luda’s legs.
Suddenly Luda pushed Vadim away, took off her shoes, and quickly pulled off her skirt, putting it in the bag.
Vadim again began to caress her between the legs.
Here Luda trembled with all his body, which indicated the occurrence of an orgasm.
Then she took off her top and off, putting it in the same bag, squatted on her haunches and quickly unbuttoning her trousers, Vadim put them down to her ankles.

To my surprise, he also did not have panties, as well as on my little wife! Lyudmilka did not even take Vadim’s member into her hand, but simply with some kind of greed grabbed him with her mouth.
Grabbing his hands on his hips, she began to quickly move her head, literally fucking him with his mouth!
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