cyber sex scam SchA we have this piece of wood, Zahuyarim right there.
Pinocchio laughed: – Well, you, fuck, and pizdanul, I have the same picture Already pierced his nose once! So we will not be scared by the Painted Fire, Karabas: – Well, well, well, Duremarchik, hey, wait.
What kind of fireplace you fucking? Do you want us to fuck? – Yes, the Pope, fuck, Carla! Fuck you mother! Carabas changed, Anger at the mercy of a sudden change, – Listen, boy, you didn’t tell anyone about this? – Fuck you need! What am I a woodpecker? So I told everyone, – Smart guy: And the doors are there, Did you happen to see it? – And how do you know And about the door, and about the fireplace? Door in the safe: I need a key, il dynamite.
If there would have been a “bear cub” He would have opened it then: – Well, but who am I ?! Actually! – Karabas ponty struck.

– Everything, my boy, is fixable, There will be grandmothers – we will fasten the dick! SchA such medicine, all the fucking break!

In the meantime, as a pledge of silence, Just our deeds together, I will give you five gold I, So that you looked behind the door.
So that besides us with you, No one could pass to her, Wait for the signal, dear boy, Do you understand everything? So go! 7
Pinocchio retired, Karabas pleased himself, How he is this piece of wood, Here all the brains zaebal.
– Duremarchik, hear, bought, On cheap Ponte, He is in me, like, fell in love, Let us guard the door.
Old woman Ebanouta, Soon she already three hundred years – But she saved the virginity, Only the prince is not and is not. capture video on webcam
I, too, understand, All their benefit, but it is impossible, These wonderful creatures, Sculpt everyone for nothing.
Duremar cares without knowing All diseases so treated, Without disassembling applying – The Undertaker was pleased.
Pinocchio at this time, Along the street runs, Keeps way to the closet to Carlo, To guard the door.
Dreaming about wealth, What a jackpot he’ll rip, Thought treasured cherishing, How he will sew the dick.

So I went deep into those thoughts, What I didn’t look under my feet, And of course I pussy, Golden tinkling.
He hears a nasty voice, – Well, it’s necessary to fly like this, not seeing anything around, So as not to see the cripple! Okay, I’m blind from birth, And I do not see a dick, What kind of a ghost, I almost knocked me down? Pinocchio looked around – Who did I hit? He sees a cat standing shabby, A pince-nez hangs on its nose.
If only the crust would gobble up, Rusk would have at least a piece: Pinocchio shed a tear, He dragged him to the tavern.
– Wait a minute, good boy, I have a girlfriend, Her name is Alice Fox, She also did not eat for three days! – Well, give your Alice, So be you treat, Hey, garcon! Three crusts of bread! We walk, I’m crying! Here Alice podgrebat, Too old cunt, Prostitute station terminal, From a young age she was.
– Oh, what a lovely boy, He gives us food, Hey, master! He’s so funny! Come on the table quickly cover!

And in a moment, the Table was bursting with food, – Fuck! Is there enough money for this? Will they give us all pussies? I used to quietly fuck, They will notice, tochnyak, cops: Look, they have a lot of fun, My new kents: So I thought Buratino, Sitting next to the table, Looking like a grub there throwing, Red-headed bitch with a cat.
And the owner suspected, That his conductor would cheat, For not paying for the food, These guests would leave like this: – Well, drive me the money, With you fifty gold! Pinocchio turned around, fucked him in the gut.
– Everything, we fade! Feet in hand! Walked? Sha, chaps! Scha huckster as wake up, So the cops will be sent here! They screwed me at once, now to the forest, They hurry to run, – Here, now we shall hide, And the cops will not find us! – And you can see, smart little one, As a huckster chopped off, – This is a cat “blind” Basil, Pinocchio praised.
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