fix my hp webcam Some flavors were obviously mixed into the water, and as my body cleared, I began to pick up some pleasant floral odor.
We have been married for 3 years.
Our marriage was initially perfect, sex, gifts, travel, plans for the future, but then everything became boring.

Husband less and less began to pay attention to me, longer stayed at work, became rougher, constantly drunk.
And now I hear his drunken laughter from his kitchen with his friend Max.
They drink beer and entertain themselves by playing cards.
I had a playful mood, and I decided to tease Max a little.
Wore stockings with a belt, put on her makeup, took off her panties, too, the bra, put on a short robe, my 3 sizes of chest appetizing fell out, and went to see the men.
When I appeared, Max’s eyes betrayed his lustful thoughts.
I asked if I needed something to cook, they refused me, my husband grunted something and told me to leave, as if I was disturbing the male company.
When I closed the door, behind Max’s back, I immediately began to express my admiration to my husband about me.
– It is better to watch the game, my husband was angry, he decently kicked and already lost big money. how to get hp webcam to work
– Yes, what to watch, you have no money left, that you should play with you, although I have a suggestion.
– What? – We’re playing all-in, I put all my money and your won money, and you put your wife on me for the night (well, you insolent, I thought, nothing, now Igor, my husband, will show you).
– Okay, I agree!

I must be lucky! I was stunned.
Here is the creature.
Put me on the line.
A few seconds of waiting and a profitable combination of poker in the hands of Max.
I’m lost.
– Well, Igor, I lost my wife.
How will you repay a debt, will you bring it yourself? – Wait Max, let me recoup, and I will not take her, especially since she will not give you.
– Yes, all the women are whores, yours is not an exception, I will now go to her and reconnoiter, you will not blink as Marinka will serve me in full.
Do not worry, I will not even tell her anything about the loss, you just do not interfere, I understand, you will stand at the door, if you’re interested? My husband mumbled something, and I quickly slipped into my bedroom.
Thoughts are confused.
I waited with trepidation as the door would open and this bully, albeit cute, would come after me.
At first I thought to raise a scandal, but.
heart, or rather my pisechka wanted the opposite.
I decided to play along, at the same time to get revenge on my husband, and not only for daring me to play, but also for late visits to home with clothes soaked in the scent of women’s perfumes.

It took about 15 minutes.
I began to worry, maybe my husband did get a sense of it and corrected everything, but no.
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