flash bar stores webcam And on the operation you, my heart, calmly slaughtered.

Svetka, my dearest wife, had a bad mood all day.

She seemed to be waiting for me to say another stupid thing.
And I met her expectations.
– Read recently in the newspaper.
Priborchik created – a pocket lie detector.
An interesting thing, I guess.
– And what are you interested in ?! – immediately responded Sveta – Well, how.
Once – and I learned – your wife is cheating on you or not! – And I can already tell you everything! No priborchik! Here, I confess, I was stunned.
Of course, a rare wife – but never cheated on her husband.
But do I want to know this? – Well.
tell me.
– I still hoped that she would turn everything into a joke.
But my wife’s mood was clearly not the same.
She put down the magazine, which with frustration leafed through the whole evening.
– And what do you want to know? How many times have I cheated on you? – Well ,.
at least.
– Three times!

Satisfied? – Very satisfied! – in spite of the fact that I was just amazed by her sudden frankness, I was getting angry.
– Want to know with whom? Do you want – And with whom? – With his boss, then, with his friend, then, with his chauffeur! “Whose chauffeur?” – I did not understand – a friend or a boss? Sveta did not deign to explain.
A few minutes passed in silence.
– Well? Has it become easier? – And here – easier? Wow.
– What did you want? He asked! And when did I ask her about adultery? I interpreted the detector. flash bar stores webcam
– I do not understand that you, the peasants, need to know everything? – the wife continued – it amazes me! – It is amazing.
Yes of course.
well great
– I pulled – That’s you, what is most striking? – What? What is amazing? – I suddenly thought about it exactly – what amazes me? – Well, most of all, it is.
that’s what.
why most people do not immediately flush the toilet?

I noticed at the institute! You smoke in the toilet – the dude comes out of the booth and only then pulls the handle! And so – everything! What is this? They pogadayut, then wipe your ass, button up your pants – and all this time the shit lies in the toilet and stinks! And not only they get the stench, but also us, smokers! We, why should sniff? !! At this point, Svetka was amazed.
She studied me in silence for a few minutes.
Then, twisting a finger at his temple, jumped off the couch, causing her robe to open, showing me slender, tanned legs and transparent yellow panties.
I wonder what kind of panties she was in when her boss was seducing? The boss was probably the one who was tempted – with champagne and candles.
But the driver.
I imagined how in a car, in the back seat, a big bull with an already ready-to-use household leaned on Svetka.
With one hand he had to rest on the seat, and with the other he hastily to pull these yellow panties off her.

And she, probably, weakly resisted.
And then, he backhand slapped her face, and when she began to cry, without interference entered her.
And he pumped it for a long time there, in the car, small and weeping.
And then, when I let him down – of course, why should he think about an unwanted pregnancy? – then made her lick his wet cock.
And she licked, and he was again excited, and again began to rape her.
This time, he couldn’t finish for a long time, shooing with a huge amplitude, gouging and hammering, until Sveta finally began to wind up, softly moan and move towards this bogey, substitute her pussy for sap and sperm for deep penetration.
She wanted him to rip it, pierced through to penetrate the very insides and when he did it – they finished at the same time.
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