granny webcam clips She already knew that Illya is also married and has two children.
Yes, by the way, now she was more concerned about selling the house, getting her money, albeit small, and finally leaving her husband, who was hateful to her, who was not capable of even giving her any pleasure.
in bed.
Therefore, the next day she went to Ilya, his office, the former collective farm, in the morning.

Pretty secretary, asked her to wait until the distribution list, held in the morning twice a week.
Lena waited until everyone present came out of the office, then the secretary invited her to go to Ilya Sergeyevich, who was ready to receive and listen.
She timidly went into the office, worried all the same.
Hello, Ilya Sergeevich.
– She said and was silent.
He broke away from the papers being viewed and examined it for a long time.

Finally, he smiled and said: Hello, Lena.
Something like I recognized you, you have changed a lot, become prettier, become feminine and beautiful. granny webcam clips
Somewhere in the crowd, just would not know.
Sit down, – he nodded on the chair next to him, – tell me how you came here? What led to me? Sorry, I didn’t have time for your mom’s funeral, I was on a business trip when she died.
Well, at least they learned, Ilya Sergeevich.
In the case I am to you.
Lena, let’s make a deal right away.
Ilya and Lena, without you.
Good? Tell me about it.
Good, Ilya.
I have to sell the house, I divorce my husband and remain with nothing.
Money is very necessary.
I was advised to contact you.
Correctly advised.
Your house is made of larch, I know very well.
He will not be demolished more than one generation.

How much do you want for him, Lena? Two hundred, Ilya, there is still all the furniture, almost new, remains.
That’s not a lot? Well well.
Let me think.
Actually, this is not much, given the current inflation, but this is also big money, even for me.
Together with furniture and all the rest, two hundred and fifty “lemons” is enough for you? More, honestly, I can not yet find, and I need a house.
Enough, Ilya.
I thought that in two hundred I would have to bargain.
Thank you! Thank you will not leave, yet.
– He laughed.
– Let’s go now to watch the acquisition. milf hidden cam masturbation I will arrange for the money to be prepared.
Maybe it’s better to put them on your account, or on the passbook.
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