homemade webcam nude I walked over and took the woman by the hand: What happened? Why are you crying? Madeleine, I’m losing my mind! – clasped me, whispered Aylin.
– I hate you and at the same time I can not live without you.
After your departure, I feel really bad, girl.
I could not think about anything else, do anything, only you, you and again only you.

And when did it start? I asked carefully.
Soon after our anniversary.
I flashed like lightning in my brain.
It seems I understood something.
Aileen! – I kissed her.
– I think I guess what happened.
Wait, I’ll be back soon.
Find Raymonda, brother Aileen was easy, he did not hide.
He sat in a bar in the company of drinking companions, and boasted that everything was on the ointment, he would soon get rich and the like.
I shot at the ceiling, everyone froze, staring at us.
Approaching Raymond, I said: Come on, take a walk, talk about your plans.
Or maybe pretty.
Let’s go – I hit him with the pistol grip.

The man flew off the chair, blood began to flow from the abrasion.
I pushed my hands behind my back, I put on handcuffs and jerked me up.
on foot: Come on, freak.
Then I sinned a little against the truth: Raymond was quite a nice guy, and even for someone’s taste is beautiful.
However, for me he was a freak, both externally and internally.
Especially internally.
No one dared to object: at the entrance stood Leslie at the ready with a pistol and closely followed what was happening. xveryhotcouple web sex
It never occurred to anyone that the girl’s gun was not loaded, but she was holding it for the first time in her life.
She just faithfully carried out my instructions.
“You have nothing to do, just stand with a stern look, holding a gun.
Hardly anyone dares to resist, ”I said.
Already in the car, Leslie laughed a little hysterically, glad that everything was okay.
Hey! – He came to himself.
– Where are you taking me ?! I already told you, ”I grinned,“ I need to talk to you.

About what?! About many things, my friend, – I replied.
“Come, Leslie?” That’s good.
We go for a walk, and you sit in the car.
I pulled Raymond out of the car and dragged me to the side, where I sat on the ground.
So where to find the hypnotist? – I asked a question.
What? – he portrayed astonishment.
I kicked him in the side, planted him again and repeated the question.
Bitch, you answer me for it! He shouted.
I hit him again, only a few times and again asked about the hypnotist.
Raymond was no longer rude: his hurt side and chest ached, and his mouth was covered in blood from the impact of a shoe.
So answer or continue the entertainment? – I asked.
However, it took two more sessions, broken teeth and broken fingers, before he called the hypnotist’s name and address.
I would have answered right away, I would have done less, ”I said goodbye, removing the handcuffs.
More talk, bitch! – angry promised Raymond.

He represented a pitiful sight: dirty, beaten, covered in blood, Who knows? – I replied.
– Well, a speedy recovery! The hypnotist, an imposing man of about fifty, turned out to be more compliant.
Realizing that we were not going to report to the police, he willingly agreed to withdraw the suggestion, which he did on the same day.
Removing the suggestion, the hypnotist plunged Aylin into a dream.
She will wake up in three hours, – he explained, – refreshed and cheerful.
If something goes wrong, I warned, then.
No consequences will be, – the hypnotist assured.
When Aylin woke up, I was there.
Her eyes immediately found me, she pulled me to her, kissed and hugged me, and then pressed me to her chest.
Madeleine, Madeleine, ”she repeated.
– Forgive me!
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