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Well I dreamed of good sex.
Well, as they write all night.
so that the two bodies are joined in the violence of sex.

feel each other everything.
feel, of course, a member in itself.
his ripple.
as it increases.
as ready to shoot you with a stream of sperm.
feel the belly of a man who rubs against your belly when a man pulls your pussy on his dick.
feel his hairy legs that also rub against your body.
thoughts of sex drove me crazy.
watching porn movies and masturbation made the situation worse.
I always wanted to.
it got to the point that I walked down the street, looked at the man and thought.
probably he has a great dick.
and here I go.
in front of me is a man, and in my mind already scenes.
as his dick grows.
which in my head always seemed big and fat.
rather, very large and very thick.
and now he has me.
and I get great pleasure.
he fucks me from behind.
this huge dick just buravit my narrow pussy.

this man.
wait a minute
or that one.
who just passed around me.
I do not remember who I represented there.
come on.
no matter.
let it be this one.
which hurries to the minibus.
so here
here is this man who hurries to the minibus.
here he is.
definitely has a big fat cock.
and in my thoughts.
very obviously has me.
he pulled my panties off me.
bent a little.
and just shoved my unit into me.
he slowly but persistently fucks me.
his dick swelled in me and now he was going to cum in me.
but he slows down his movements and gives himself a break.
But his strongest excitement was a little quieter, and again he was wasting me from behind.
At this time, his fingers caress my pussy.
his fingers drowned in my wet, no wet pussy.
his fingers caress my clit.
they penetrate my cave.
where his member is already wielding. special sexy webcam
and go out again.
and caress caress.
now his fingers caress my tummy.
and rise higher to my breasts.

he squeezes my breasts.
squeezed both my boobs.
he caresses my nipples.
and methodically.
enters me
and coming out.
I have completely reduced my tummy.
inside the panties everything is obscenely wet.
my pussy cramped.
and suddenly the excitement reached such a tension.
that in my cave went a strong ripple.
I finished.
incomprehensible sensations.
a little pain.
but so nice.
there is no accumulated voltage.
so what is there a man in my thoughts I had ?.
probably sat in a minibus.
Yes, and to hell with him.
a couple of days you can not think.
about big and fat.
A short erotic story – I want you to please Victoria Sergeyevna.
– Seeing the young woman entering the office, the doctor happily said, “everything is fine with your health.”
“Excuse me, then what is the reason?” Why my husband and I have not had children for six years? We tried so hard.
– The fact is that the reason is in it.

He cannot have children.
I looked at his hospital card and realized that this was a consequence of the high radiation dose received by him during his military service, on the radar station.
– What should I do then? – Confused looking at the doctor, asked Elena Viktorovna.
– Does he have brothers? – Not.
He is one child in the family.
But, where are his brothers? – If he would have brothers, we could implant you their sperm, fertilize your egg with it.
Maybe he has any other relatives? For example, uncles? – No Unfortunately.
– Then we can introduce you donor sperm.
“But it will be someone else’s seed, unrelated to the Kargopolovs.”
– Yes.
I do not know what to advise you.
Tell me, what about his father? Is he very old? – Dad? Not.
– confused she answered.
“He is only forty-six years old.”
– So think about it.
Natural pregnancy, you know, safer.
And your husband does not need to know how and from whom you conceived your child.

You can say that you took the sperm of his father and the doctors fertilized her eggs with her.
– You want to say that I owe him.
sleep to conceive a child? – bashfully blushing she squeezed.
– That you just said, but said correctly.
That way.
In general, think about it if you are serious about giving birth.
I do not dare to detain you anymore.
All the way back home, she was concentrating on the words of the doctor.
But he offered her to sleep with Sergey’s father.
Although she herself no longer has a husband.
When angry with her inability to give birth to a child, he defiantly collected things, the father angrily scolded him, but this did not have a positive effect.
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