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Anton went to Moscow by train.
Planes were not allowed to fly by parents – it is dangerous and, again, a little expensive, not quite affordable.
In the evening he was accompanied by the whole family – his father, mother, grandmother and little sister.

We wished good luck, sat in the compartment, were silent, the mother once again reminded me that she would call as soon as she got there, then waved her hands from the platform, her grandmother shed a few tears, and the train started off.
Despite the sadness of parting, Anton felt a certain relief – a new page began in his life – Moscow, studying at the institute.
He would definitely do it – Anton did not doubt this, but to be sure he had to repeat everything again, and he settled down comfortably with notes and textbooks, since there was no one in the compartment and nothing distracted him from serious work.
A few hours later, his loneliness was broken by the arrival of fellow travelers – three guys entered the compartment.
They were all in black leather jackets, short-cropped hair, strong, pumped up arms.
“Athletes” – Anton decided to himself.
The guys greeted, inquired about where Anton was located, then sat down and, as usual on long journeys, began to take provisions out of their bags.

In his heart, Anton was even glad that he could finally stop cramming, but he didn’t show it, but silently, as if with regret, removed the spread out textbooks and exercise books, freeing the table for products.
The appetizers, it must be admitted, were excellent – finely chopped smoked meat – ham or something like cheese, eggs, tomatoes, greens, and the final element is a big beautiful bottle of expensive cognac.
Rassevshis about the table, the guys poured a little hot drink, while at the same time the older one of them asked if the young man would join them?
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