korean couple webcam But I will have the opportunity to break away! ”Katya opened her eyes and immediately jumped up – Alla stood near the door.
“How long has she been here? Has she really seen everything? ”- Yes, Katyusha, I have been here for a long time! – as if her boss had read her thoughts.
– Do not worry, I know everything.
I must admit, when the guys offered me this scam a month ago – I doubted that something would come out.

And now I see how hot you are.
Alla is a beautiful tall woman of 40 years old with long black hair, a gorgeous taut figure and a charming chest of 4th size, who lives alone and has never been seen in her lover’s society, which is why everyone at the agency considered her a lesbian.
However, she herself did not hide her interest in girls.
And now she went to the table, while stroking the hollow between her large breasts in a deep cut.
Coming up, she ran her finger across Katina’s pussy, and then raised that finger to Katina’s lips.
The girl, still under the influence of the experienced orgasm, opened her lips, letting her finger into her mouth, sucked it, feeling the taste of its juice in the tongue.

“I don’t know why the guys didn’t tell you right away, but I’m in the business!” – Alla whispered, leaning over Kate, then grabbed her head and pressed it to her chest.
– I have long been dreaming of making you my mistress, and now I will not back down from my desire! With these words, she sat in a chair, spreading her legs wide and pulling Katya over herself.
Kate did not need to explain what they wanted from her.
“Be what will be!” – She decided and knelt in front of her boss.
Alla pulled her skirt up, exposing her gorgeous thighs in stockings.
Then, slightly rising, she pulled off her lace panties, threw one leg on the table, took the other one far to the side and led Katya through her hair: – Come on, my girl, do me good! And Kate tried. sister anal webcam
I have to say that she had little experience with such communication with women.
Only three or four times in her life she had sex with her classmate, whom she seduced for the sake of experiment.
However, for Katya, it remained an experiment, but her classmate was so involved that after a couple of years she had the reputation of a passionate and committed lesbian, although she lived with a guy at that time.

They even said that she had brought a freshman to her house, and this girl, instead of renting herself, worked her pussy with her tongue and substituted her holes.
And now, kneeling between the legs of the boss, Katya diligently and gently licked her pussy.
It was already difficult to understand if they made her or she voluntarily humored her.
However, after a couple of minutes, both were pretty purring, and after another minute, Alla, tilting her head back, screamed loudly, biting her lip after her.
Yes, and Kate is all flowed! Between her delicious legs raging a real fire! She reached for her clitoris and barely touched him, her body jerked as if from an electric shock, which caused the girl to sink even deeper into the boss’s pussy and groan loudly.
Alla took her hair, turned her head back and looked with her befuddled eyes into Katie’s eyes.
Her eyes seemed to say – everything, girl, now you are mine! Predatory licking her lips, Alla pressed a button on the remote.

Katya only had time to inhale sharply as it vibrated inside her, and her face was again pressed against the boss’s pussy.
The woman was not going to let her go until she enjoyed it completely.
She constantly played with the remote, changing modes.
She pressed Katina’s head to her, clamped her hips.
When they both finished for the third time, Alla finally let go of Katya from her grip.
The girl, barely removing her head from the crotch of the boss, immediately saw before the eyes of a big dick Andrew: – And now let us discharge, baby! Kate opened her mouth, letting in this giant, and immediately felt like Sergei, taking out a vibrator from her, was already pushing her head into her pussy.
The guys did not last long – after ten minutes, both simultaneously exploded inside the girl.
They moved away from her, leaving her lying on the floor.
– So, boys, I take the remote control yourself! And it does not make a reservation! – Alla said laughing.
– This is too much luxury – to deprive yourself of such a toy!

And you, my girl, I give ten minutes to put myself in order and march to the workplace! Katya got up from the floor, straightened her clothes and, having received a ringing slap from the trio, went to the ladies’ room.
“This is what you got!” – thought the girl and smiled.
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