lesbian webcam models So that not only we, but also all passersby on the street could admire you.
Sue went to the window and opened the curtains wide, driving me even more into the paint.
No need to endure, little hare, ”Vicky smiled at me tenderly,“ Well, what should you do to get a trickle? ” Again we persuade, like a baby, – Sue grinned, – Maybe you, Tommy, also have to hold the little pipe? Of course, it’s necessary, ”Ashley giggled.“ It’s splashing on the whole floor. ”
Letter-letter-letter, – began to gently sentence Sue, taking my pussy with my fingers.

As we pee now, Vicky said in the same lisping tone.
Realizing that the girls would not leave me alone, I gave up and sighed heavily and began to write.
Finally I understood why he was put in front of the pot, Sue grinned.
Such a funny fountain, – smiled Ashley, – Immediately I remembered my brother.
True to him, unlike the boy, his mother already trusts to keep the pisyun himself.
The girls laughed together, forcing me to blush even more with shame.

Well, the first successes, – smiled Sue, shaking the last drops off my pussy, – For this dress Tommy is not a diaper, but training panties.
Sue brought white training pants and deftly dressed them to me.
In less than fifteen minutes, Sue again slipped the pot to me.
“It follows book advice,” I thought offended, noticing the book on potty schooling in the nurse’s hands.
Sit on the pot! – ordered Sue, – This time you go over a lot.
I don’t want much, ”I said, feeling the blush of shame on my cheeks.
Sit down – Sue repeated in a tone of objection, – I know your “I don’t want”. lesbian webcam models
I suppose you suffer again.
“It’s one thing to write in the pot and quite another to be seen by everyone in large view,” I thought resentfully.
Well? – raised the voice of Sue, – So you will stand hiding behind? Sit on the pot and cocoa! Yeah, let him poop, ”Vicki smiled.“ We haven’t seen that yet. ”
I reluctantly sat on the pot.
It was terribly ubidno that the girls just had fun with me.

“Found myself a writing and popping doll” – I thought with displeasure, recalling how Sue and her friends looked at me with all my eyes as I wrote in the pot last time.
“And why did I let myself be persuaded? – I continued to think, – Could probably suffer another five minutes.
They would fall behind me and leave the room.
Then he would pee in the pot. ”
And how long are you going to sit like that? – Sue complained to me disgustingly, – Didn’t they teach you what to do to go big? Come on, push.
I looked hurtly at Sue and unexpectedly farted loudly for myself.
Poked – Vicky perked up.
Now let’s see, – Sue smiled and spreading my legs, looked into the pot.
Well, how? – Ashley asked with a smile, – Any success? Just farted, ”Sue said.
I thought so, – Ashley grinned.
Well, it is necessary to take measures, – my nanny decisively said.
Sue went to the dresser and pulled a small box out of the middle drawer.
“Laxative candles” – I realized with horror.
Go here! – The nanny called me, sitting down on a chair by the wall.

I looked at Sue, frightened, and continued to sit on the pot.
Well? – raised her voice Sue, – Go on yourself, otherwise it will be worse! I am not kidding.
Already tired that you do not listen to me.
Despite the young age of my nanny, her tone was so formidable that goosebumps ran down my back.
I count to three, ”Sue said sternly,“ One, two.
Frightened by Sue seriously, I reluctantly got up from the pot and walked over to her.
Lie down on your stomach! – the nurse ordered me, – Here.
Sue pulled me by the hand, forcing me to her lap.
I don’t want y! I roared loudly, feeling the fingers of others unclench my buttocks.
Calm down now! – Sue raised her voice, giving me a sick slap on a bare ass.
I tried to jump to my feet, but the strong hand of the girl pushed me down.
Can you help me? – turned Sue to her friends.
Hold the boy? – Ashley asked.
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