mother and son play on webcam He began to undress to go to bed, and I went to get a washcloth.
When I bent over her, he came up behind and gently slapped my ass.
Last time I was in jeans, and now only in shorts, as the T-shirt turned up.
But still I did not expect this.

I straightened up, turned around and asked: “Pasch, what are you doing?”
“Yes this.
accidentally hurt “- he replied and averted his eyes.
I decided to think about it in the shower.
But leaving the room, out of the corner of her eye noticed that he was standing.
I smiled and went to the shower.
I already knew what to do.
When I came out of the shower, Pasha was already asleep. hidden cam masturbation orgasm
I took off my panties, but left the shirt.
My dick stood.
Pasha was lying on his back.
I went to the bed and removed the blanket from Pasha.
Then she touched his underpants and began to squeeze them.
I took off his pants, and I opened his penis.
He was not excited.
Then I gently took it with my hand, bent down and licked it.
The member began to rise and harden.
When he completely stood up, I removed the skin from the head and took it all in his mouth.
Sucking, I licked the head.
Tried to take it deeper.
I was so fascinated by this that it was not swept up that Pasha woke up.
“Zhen, what are you doing?” He asked, looking at me in surprise.
I did not know what to answer.
“Pash, I just.
I want you.
I noticed that I aroused you when you slapped me on the pope.
And decided that you want me too.
“I began to explain.
– “Why do you speak like a girl?” – “Just inside I’m a girl.
I want to be a girl. mother and son play on webcam