nipple sucking webcam He basically joined the initial phase of this stage, reserving the right to test his victim first.
And then he drifted away to give his team full access, but always under his control and on his orders.
The second part began when the subject broke, and then psychological manipulations began, in which he was a dock.
The young girl with the principles that she obscured all her life – that everyone is equal to each other, and only good things happen to good people – with all this happy nonsense, he turned into an obedient whore who will gladly carry out any order of her Master.

He never participated in sexual torture, as it could interfere with his goals.
Bossman was well aware of what it takes to reprogram someone else’s behavior with or without drugs.
Russia experimented with brainwashing drugs from the 50s to the 70s.
Some government laboratories have significantly advanced science in this direction over the past fifteen twenty years.
He managed to get psychoactive drugs from Russian refugees from Cuba, which he tested on his victims.

He found these “friendship” drugs very useful, as they suppressed women’s natural inclinations and emotional defenses, and opened their minds in looking at things from a different angle, which was radically different from what they were used to.
Most people are not too happy that they can be mentally reprogrammed, and resist it at every stage.
He used these drugs for fifteen years, and they were truly a miracle; his subjects had no idea that they received them with their morning food.
And the drugs began to act after two to three days.
The full effect of drugs brought confusion in the mind of the bitches.
They did not understand what was going on in their heads.
They felt at the same time fear and pleasure, looking at the man.
They wanted to appease the man and at the same time stop the training.
They were afraid to disappoint the man and at the same time resisted him. webcam very young
It is lovely to watch women try to understand what the hell is going on with them.

But in the meantime, the drugs worked, and how.
As soon as he began to use them, he improved the effect of his mental and physical manipulations dozens of times – they did.
his work is easier and much more successful.
And his income has quadrupled with the use of these drugs.
While he used these “friendship” drugs, and denied them in a dream, the woman was subjected to unusually intense and long periods of physical and sexual “conviction”.
This sex had nothing to do with eroticism, and everything had to be done with coercion and humiliation.
These stages became longer and more and more aggressive, as the team followed the menu that it was composed of.
Ultimately, women understood that there was no salvation; that they are locked in a boat, and that they have to be allowed to modify their behavior.
At the initial stage to facilitate the realization of this situation, he kept them connected, with the exception of food intake.
They were not allowed to utter a word.

Only to answer the question.
Otherwise they were severely punished.
They were not allowed to finish early – only on his instructions.
It is important that the girl finish when he wishes, and not when she is.
Only therefore he tortured them for a long time and painfully so that they would finally lose hope of salvation.
Slave must at the level of instincts to understand what awaits her.
She must be physically defeated in order for her desire to fight to be completely destroyed for her new role as a slave; only by erasing the emotional and psychological component in the dust, she will understand that she is standing at the threshold of her new life.
As soon as they broke, training began.
In the course of it, he removed their individuality, everything that could feed them.
They were not allowed anything from their past life.
They had to participate in a large number of unlimited and intense sexual acts and scenarios; I had to behave more freely.
The more he sought from them to participate in these acts, the easier they accepted what they were doing, and the faster they went through ideological processing.

With the beginning of the reprogramming of their beliefs, he increased the dose of the drug.
And from that moment on he penetrated their heads.
There is always something they are ashamed of, hiding from others.
Like the fact that they hide from themselves, everyone lies about something to themselves.
It is with these little things that the attack begins on their beliefs and ideas about the world around them.
If everything goes well, by the end of the tenth or fourteenth day, in addition to training, most of his women accept most of his views (if not all) on sexuality and relationships.
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