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I drank more.
Five minutes later, Sveta emerged from the bedroom, shrouded in a sheet.
She sat down at the table, poured herself some champagne and drank a glass in one gulp.

“Why are you sitting, take off your clothes and let’s go into the bedroom,” she said, turned and left.
I poured myself, drank.
He undressed into panties and went to the bedroom door.
My heart pounded like a hammer on an anvil.
I opened the door and froze.
I saw what I was already expecting: my wife stood with cancer, sucked Denis in the dick and in the back she was fucked by our mutual friend Seryoga! To be continued.
Tanya graduated from the modeling agency for almost a year, but all did not receive offers.
She was already twenty-one, a critical age for a model that has not even entered into a single contract in her short career.
Tanya was a typical provincial girl who came to conquer the capital, not even knowing how or what, deciding to look around on the spot.
After graduating from school with a silver medal, she could enroll in far more prestigious educational institutions than a model agency, but Tanya stubbornly believed that a modeling career was for her.

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Tanya was tall, about a meter eighty, with long slim legs, elastic ass and a small but neat chest.
But, in spite of her figure and appearance, her main advantage is her eyes.
This deep, mysterious look of the bottomless black eyes could drive any man crazy, but Tanya could not and did not know how to use it to her own advantage.
There is not much money left, but even these crumbs will not be enough for her, not what she needs for food, even to pay for an apartment, which she rented for several months.
The hostess, a nice old woman, agreed to wait for a while, until Tanya settles her affairs and can pay for the apartment.
But now three weeks have passed and nothing.
On an early winter morning, she was evicted from the apartment, wishing all the best.
Tanya did not blame this old woman at all, and so she had been waiting for money from her for too long.
With two bags in her arms, she slowly wandered along the street, with an empty head, inhaling the cold fresh air.
On the street people were slowly wandering about their business, not paying any attention to this lonely girl with bags.
Tanya sat down on one of the benches in a nearby park to reflect and weigh everything.

On the one hand – to return to his home, to his parents and live as before, go to a good university and get a normal job.
Her parents, though not rich, but they have at least some money and they will not give up their daughter in trouble.
But Tanya remembered their quarrel well when Tanya announced her firm intention to become a professional model.
The second is to stay here and still try to arrange your destiny.
Without the right connections and money it will be very difficult, even impossible.
With such thoughts she sat on the bench and melted in the hands of loose grayish-white snow.
With a distant face, she looked at the sky, her thoughts carried away somewhere far, where it was good and beautiful.
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