sex cam2cam Here I could not stand it and decided to finish myself what I wanted to do when I came to this beach, I went to Natasha and kissed her, asked to stand on my knees and take me from behind.
And here is my appetizing and beloved ass in front of me, and I freeze in front of her and drive the boy from top to bottom through her pussy, and then very slowly I enter my girl from behind.
Holding her waist and gently unhurriedly I enter and leave her.
Then Natasha bends like a cat and starts to move her ass, but I do not move and enjoy her movements and the beauty of her delicious ass and figure.

She slowly moves along my penis, leaving only the head in her, then rotates her ass, then accelerates the pace and stops sharply.
All her movements drive me crazy and I am constantly on the verge.
Masha and Katya are delighted to say that they haven’t seen anything beautiful and are encouraging Natasha – Come on, Come on.
And I can not restrain myself giving everything that I have left, for this day to my beloved girl.

I have never had such a strong orgasm.
I came out of Natasha and we hugged.
Then we all went swimming together and for a long time could not get out of the warm sea.
Walking on the way back home, I told Nate that she must tell about what happened when I was gone, and that now it was my turn to give it to another man, she smiled and gave me a busk: (To be continued)
Once with my wife, we went to Africa for the New Year, as she loves adventure and wanted to meet people in New York, where it is very warm, and not cold and damp, as usually happens in winter in our area.
After a few thoughts, the choice was made. webcam looker 6 2
Ghana is a beautiful small country, almost at the equator.
Ocean, water 28, just a fairy tale.
We rested, went to the mountains overgrown with forests, around was exotic.
And of course, black men, slim and almost all athletic physique.
I saw Natasha looking at them, especially below the belt, apparently imagining which monsters were hiding there.

Here, in the evening, I asked if she would not like to have a local flavor in her insatiable pussy as a gift for the upcoming holiday.
Looking at her, I understood everything.
In principle, it would have been possible not to ask, but now the wife was in anticipation and was looking forward to feeling all this, because, in her mouth and pussy, even though there were many different members before, she only saw black porno
In the morning, after an amazing blowjob, I went out to the city and arranged with one taxi driver to arrange five good guys who wanted to fuck a white girl, handed him a reasonable reward, and left.
On the 31st, the closer to the evening, the more I noticed her excitement.
Still, for three days my dick has only fucked Natasha in her mouth, so the pussy languished and wanted to caress, but I deliberately starved her.
– It’s time! – I said, looking at the clock.
I blindfolded her as soon as we got into a taxi and we drove off.
It should be noted that the taxi driver organized everything wonderfully, we arrived at a deserted beach, where a small clearing was prepared for us, and the 5 guys were already naked.

I brought my spouse to them, and taking off the bandage, said: – Darling, this is your gift! But my love did not even have time to look into their faces, because all attention was focused on the members, as if carved out of black marble members.
A hand trembling with excitement, Natasha reached out to one of them.
Warm, pulsing, so pleasant to the touch, she began to gently masturbate this dick, and immediately took another pen with another pen.
And one already she sucks, after him the second, the third.
– How beautiful she is !!! Black dick in my wife’s mouth, it’s just a stunner! – I thought, but the guys wanted more, they wanted to just rudely fuck her.
Having found condoms (after all, anything can be here), Natasha tried to put them on, but they simply did not fit their huge batons.
(It is with great pleasure that the main heroine is given to the huge black members of Africans in front of her husband!
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