spy cam nude women The warm wet tongue walked diligently over my head, then no less moist and soft sponges joined it, which gently enveloped the head.
Then she turned to more active actions and began to take more and more flesh in her mouth, thoroughly licking his tongue and pressing her head tightly to the palate.
Feeling that I would soon finish, I stopped Natasha’s head, which went into a rage and was already sucking dick, even though ineptly.
“Wait,” I croaked, and completely took off my clothes.

I needed a pause to recover and relieve tension a little.
The head was already throbbing, it was the surest sign of an approaching orgasm.
Natasha took off her skirt, left in panties, on which I have already noticed a dark, natural-colored stain.
After a short pause, Natasha pulled off the last centimeters of fabric and threw her panties to the side.
Natasha spread her legs apart so that I could enjoy her lovely soft pussy, which was not touched by anyone yet.
A light down only slightly covered the beginning of the sponges, which had already swelled to the bottom.

I shivered unnaturally, clenched my fists and walked over to Natasha.
She, languidly looking at me, lay down on the sofa, spreading her legs to the sides.
I laid on top of her, pressed his stomach to her hot body and pressed my head to her moist hot lips.
The touch caused a storm of emotions in both, so I pulled away from her and waited a few seconds.
Come on.
– whispered Natasha.
With the head I massaged her lips, drove the member between the lips in order to thoroughly wet it and enter Natasha.
Then I put a member to a narrow hole and slightly pressed.
Natasha screamed slightly and squeezed her legs.
but I parted her legs and again tried to push the penis deeper, but Natashka screamed even louder and pushed me away from me.
It hurts me
– she said.
I know, dear.
– I replied. russian teens webcam sex videos
– Be patient.
I can not – she looked guiltily at me.
All right, – I answered.
– Come first so.
Natasha obediently perched on her knees, I lay on my back with my legs apart, and Natasha perched on her head between her legs and took my cock in her mouth.

I clenched my fists and surrendered to the power of her mouth.
With her left hand she held the penis near the base so that the penis did not penetrate too deep, and with her right hand she would massage my testicles.
The tongue gently massaged the head, Natasha also started to wind the cheek, trying to make me more thrill.
Natasha’s efforts were crowned with success, after a while I was shaken, goosebumps ran down my back, and I finished, filling Natasha’s mouth, which diligently swallowed everything that fell into her mouth.
She got up from her knees, wiping her mouth, and I, satisfied, but only half satisfied, invited Natasha to lie down in my place and fell in between her legs.
I kissed her lips, causing trembling in Natasha’s legs.
The tongue diligently plowed through a narrow little crack that hid my secret place from me.
Much moisture covered my lips and chin, so much she was excited.
Language, I slightly pushed through the hole, slightly penetrating into it, rubbing the lips with my fingers, slightly pulling them aside.

Natashka moaned protrudingly, pounded the fists on the sofa, moved her ass, choosing a more comfortable position for maximum sensation.
After a minute I was tired, my tongue was heavy, so I accelerated the movement, taking her clit in my fingers, twisting it in my fingers.
Natasha groaned loudly, not holding back, stretching her legs to the sides.
The clitoris pulsed powerfully, the sponges shivered finely and she came out violently, expelling a viscous transparent liquid.
I stood up, licked my fingers, and looked at my sister’s reaction.
She closed her eyes languidly, her mouth twisted in a grimace of pleasure, and sweat appeared on her forehead.
A member after this re-swollen and filled with energy.
I licked the fingers on which her moisture had accumulated and turned Natasha on the stomach, conveniently placing her under me.
With my hands, I parted her two seductive halves, with a pink ringlet of a narrow anus, which, undoubtedly, should soon play its part.

I put a member and entered Natasha.
She screamed shortly, her head gently went inside, as if there were no obstacles.
The head was gently covered with cramped walls, which is why I squeezed my lips to hold back the voluptuous moan, while continuing to enter the penis.
Natashka was unconscious after an orgasm, so it was necessary to seize the moment.
I pulled her chin almost to the limit, surrounded on all sides with soft soft flesh, which prevented me from moving my pelvis quickly.
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