teen girls get naked on cam Kiss the shoe! I plopped down on my knees and, respectfully bowed, kissed the shoe of my Mistress.
– From now on you are my slave! And you will remain until I release you myself or until I surrender you to another Master! Okay, now get in the car, let’s go to me.
We sat in her “eight” and drove to the exit of the park.
The weather was just great: there was a light breeze, and the sun was pretty hot.

I opened the window, and the cool breeze was pleasantly blowing the body.
Behind the wheel, Mrs. preferred to drive in silence, and I had the opportunity to think a little about all those crazy events of today, which was still in full swing.
“I wonder what else will happen today?” – I thought.
Strange, probably, but then I perceived everything that was happening absolutely naturally: there was not even a thought that something could be out of the ordinary.
Although it was all that way! From the park to the house of the Lady was about 15 minutes on the way, and most of them we spent in silence.
I was grateful to Mrs.

for the opportunity to calmly consider my current situation.
Although it was quietly impossible to do this in principle: inside I was singing and dancing all the time because my inmost fantasies were about to come true! We arrived at the gate, and the Lady ordered me to go out and unlock them. hope bc webcam
Her house went almost to the very road from the bus stop, and the Mistress did not fail to note sarcastically: – You wanted someone from the passengers to notice you? Now they can all take a good look at you! – she smiled, and in her eyes flashed mischievous lights.
– Come on, do not pull the rubber, go and open the gate! – Yes, Madam – I got out of the car and went to the gate.
Just at that moment, there was a noise coming up to the bus stop: I again felt a wild excitement, it was not clear where it was rushing at me and not allowing me to quietly open the doors.
I was afraid to even look in the direction of the stop, it seemed to me that I would just faint away from happiness if someone saw me! Somehow opening both doors and without even looking at the stop, I missed the Madam’s car and locked the gate.

She got out of the car and closed the door: – Correct the member, and then jump out now! – I straightened member, having the appearance of a naughty schoolboy, and she laughed.
– See that hanger? Bring her here! And live! I ran to the coat rack and handed it to the Lady.
– Well done, think quickly, now unzip my dress, there, behind.
– I gently unzipped the zipper on her back.
Madam took off her dress, remained absolutely naked, and handed it to me.
– Hang it on the coat rack and put it in place! Oh, I love sunbathing! – It was already addressed in general to whom it is not clear, and the Lady, sweetly stretching, turned to me and shouted: – Slave, chair!
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